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Hideo Kojima and producer Avi Arad have previously stated that they want a relatively unknown actor to play the iconic video game character Solid Snake in the upcoming blockbuster movie 'Metal Gear Solid'. If the studio won't back an unknown actor, it would make sense for them to choose a rising star, like Marvel did when they cast Chris Hemsworth as Thor.

Solid Snake ages throughout the franchise, so pinning him down to a specific age is difficult and would be directly dependent on which stage of Snake's life the movie will delve into - however, his profile states that he was born in 1972, which currently (2014) puts him at being 42 years old.

Assuming the movie is going to be a Snake origin story, we're on the hunt for a rising star who could play him from 20s to 30s.

We are NOT looking for the typical 'go to' choices e.g. Christian Bale or Hugh Jackman. Avi Arad will not cast these guys, so it's pointless talking about it.

In no particular order...

5 - Scott Eastwood

Scott has his Dad's badass genes!
Scott has his Dad's badass genes!

Thanks to his Dad's genes, Scott was born to be a badass. [Metal Gear Solid](movie:593264) could be the movie that catapults Scott out of his father's shadow and into the big leagues... to become a legitimate A-list star. Plus, his good looks will surely have ladies flocking to buy tickets.

4 - Jamie Dornan

Jamie is an accomplished TV actor (Once Upon a Time) who is about to break the big time by starring in the upcoming Fifty Shades movie franchise as Christian Grey. He's the right age to play Snake, can rock a grizzled look and will no doubt be a big draw-card if the Fifty Shades franchise takes off. As an actor, Jamie will need a gritty action movie like Metal Gear Solid to show audiences some diversity, after playing a rich snob in a suit.

3 - Theo James

One, two, three... FOUR
One, two, three... FOUR

Theo has the look, physique and credentials to play Snake. He's currently starring in the Divergent movie franchise as Four, and has proved that he can handle a bit of action. He has the star power to bring the important and lucrative younger teen market to the cinema, and is already becoming a household name. Metal Gear Solid could be the movie that pushes him from B-list to A-list.

2 - Jack O'Connell

He can't be broken
He can't be broken

By the time Metal Gear Solid comes out, Jack will already be a certified A-lister. Come Christmas he will grace our screens in Angelina Jolie's upcoming blockbuster Unbroken playing the lead role, Louis Zamperini. The trailer for Unbroken already demonstrates that Jack is an Oscar worthy actor who can take on tough roles - exactly the kind of actor that should be playing Solid Snake.

1 - Xavier Samuel

Xavier made it big when he played Riley in the Twilight movie Eclipse, and recently starred alongside Brad Pitt in Fury. He's proven he can bulk up when required and has the look of a young, green Snake. Like all young Aussie actors who move to the States, he's hungry for good roles and is longing to break the A-list like Sam Worthington and Chris Hemsworth. Metal Gear Solid could be Xavier's Avatar or Thor.


Out of these 5, who would you choose?


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