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I don't even know what I watched when I saw the ending of this movie. That's a bad thing just to clarify.

So 'Horns' is based off of the novel by the same name written by Joe Hill, it tells the story of a man, Ig (Daniel Radcliffe) whose girlfriend Merrin (Juno Temple) mysteriously dies. When he becomes the main suspect in the case, everyone looks at him like he is the devil which is convinent when he wakes up one morning to find strange horns spouting from his temples.

Every encounter he has after the horns appear is very strange and out of the ordinary. People start to reveal their deepest thoughts and secrets to Ig and even ask him if they should do what they want to do, as if the horns have a certain power over them. Only one person seems to be normal and that's his childhood friend Lee, who is helping him to stay out of jail, who can't see the horns at all. As the film goes on, things start to get stranger and weirder as the truth about Merrin's death is found out.

I wasn't sure what to expect from this film, except Daniel Radcliffe with an American accent and me loving every second that Joe Anderson was on screen. Both of which were high points of the film. Harry Potter doesn't sound very British anymore and even though I'm far too familiar with his voice, 13 years and 8 films later, he still did a pretty good job making his character stand out on his own, without the accent ruining it. Ig is our main character, he's likeable and sarcastic and you root for him. One thing the writers did right thankfully. A love story built up from flashback and present development between Merrin and Ig made their love believable and almost heart breaking to see die. Radcliffe and the rest of the cast do a pretty solid job in their roles but nobody stood out in the crowd and blew me away.

There was no real built up around the murder mystery, sure they had a few people they could pin it on, but there was a lack of tension and therefore a lack of interest. I was more intrigued about the power of the horns if I'm honest, their dark secrets and deals with the devil. A seven deadly sins plot would have been a much better route for this film, it would have taken a twist and could have been 10x better. It was entertaining, no doubt about that, the dark humour that came from the towns darkest secrets got me giggling and the action scenes were full of blood and guts for all you horror fans. However when you have scenes that feel like they last forever plus characters that aren't all that interesting, you don't notice how great the first half of this movie is.

It was hard to watch as this good, original horror fantasy movie turn into a just okay movie with a let down ending. Just a simple, quick ending would have suited me fine, but no the writers were having none of that. It was go big or go home, in this case they probably should have gone home. I wasn't even sure what I was watching and there was little to no explanation to what was going on. It wasn't predictable, which should be a good thing, but you didn't see it coming because it was so random and in some ways out of place.

A good film with funny dialogue and cool premise became an okay film with a disappointing ending and a murder mystery with no tension. One to wait for on DVD or Netflix I think.

2.5/5 stars (.5 for the soundtrack, which was spot on)


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