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I've seen everyone do their comic villains list. So I figured I'd share mine. I'm doing this separately. One for DC and for Marvel.

Now Keep three things in mind.

#1 I'm more of a DC fan than I am Marvel (Batman is my favorite DC hero). The only marvel characters that interested me were The Punisher (Punisher is my favorite Marvel hero), Spider-Man, Daredevil, The X-Men, The Fantastic Four and Maybe Hulk or Maybe Ghost Rider. That's about it.

#2 This list is from 1-10. If you want to start at the bottom, please feel free.

#3 This is my opinion. If you disagree please be respectful.


#1 Lex Luthor.

Note: Clancy Brown is my favorite Lex Luthor.

Reason: I know. I know. Just hear me out. Even though Batman is my favorite hero in DC, I consider Superman's archenemy to be the greatest villain in DC. As much I love the Joker, but the only reason I like Lex better because he's more realistic and complex. He's pure evil, sociopathic, arrogant, ruthless and a completely dick head at times. Despite how evil he is, Lex sees himself as a good person no matter what. What also makes him terrifying is that he's good at lying, manipulating and is good with politics. So good with politics that he even becomes president. He's also an evil rich guy/business man. We have villains like him in real life. This is what makes him the #1 DC villain.

#2 The Joker.

Note: Mark Hamill is my favorite Joker.

Reason: "What? Joker should be #1". Even though, Batman is my favorite DC hero/Even though Joker is Batman's greatest villain, however he's my second favorite DC. He's creepy, scary, psychopathic and just plain old insane. Sometimes I'm not sure whether to laugh or cringe at. That's frightening the Joker really is. Not to mention he tortured and killed Jason Todd and also crippled Batgirl. Whether he's your favorite DC villain or not, It's hard to doubt him as Batman's ultimate villain. So who could top Joker and be my #1. Well let's find out.

#3 Darkseid.

Reason: You just gotta love this guy. Darkseid is just a total bad ass. Even though his main enemy is Superman, he's the enemy of the entire DC Universe. He's fought against Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and many others. He wants to control the entire universe and do what ever it takes to find the anti - life equation. He has also one of the coolest powers in all of comics. His world even looks like hell. Nuff said there. If Darkseid were real, we'd be in deep trouble. Thank god for that. Darkseid, born with no heart and soul and completely sociopathic.

#4 Deathstroke/Slade.

Reason: Oh man this guy. In my opinion he's DC's deadliest assassin. This guy literally never misses. He's sorta like Bullseye in DC. Even though he's the archenemy of the Teen Titans (Robin in particular) he's actually fought against everyone in DC, such as Batman, Superman, The Flash and many others. Deathstroke is cold, ruthless and completely bad ass and definitely not a force to be reckoned with.

#5 Scarecrow.

Reason: My second favorite Batman. I mean this guy can make your fears come to life. This guy can bring your nightmares to life. I mean that's scary as shit. Need I say more?


#1 Norman Osborn/The Green Goblin.

Note: Willem Dafoe as Norman Osborn/The Green Goblin was the only Spider-Man villain I liked on film. And Kingpin if he counts

Reason: Norman Osborn is basically Marvel's answer to DC's Lex Luthor. Green Goblin has always been Spider-Man's Lex Luthor for me. Both are pure evil, good at lying, manipulation and with politics, and both seem themselves as a good person. Both become president and often wear Green and Purple. Also like Lex, Norman is a total dickhead to. Despite him being similar to Lex Luthor, Norman Osborn is still a interesting and a complex character. He's arrogant, greedy, sociopathic and ruthless. Despite how evil he is, he sees himself as a good person who truly thinks of himself as a good person. He's also the worst father ever. I mean he treats his own son poor Harry like crap, no matter how hard he tries to impress and even tortures him sometimes in order to punish his son. Not to mention he crosses the line when he murdered Gwen Stacy. The love of Spider-Man's life. He killed her with out feeling guilty. Now that's cold. Sadly we have villains like him in real life. This is what makes him the #1 Marvel villain, as well as Spidey's ultimate villain.

#2 Magneto.

Reason: What can I say. The archenemy of the X-Men. He's very interesting a character. This guy is a huge threat to the entire human race. He's genocidal to any human being on earth. What he doesn't realize that he wasn't always a mutant. Tragic but cool. This guy truly believes he's doing the right thing. If this guy were real we'd be in trouble. You think the conflict with Isis, well Magneto is far worse than that. So who could top Magneto and be #1. Well let's find out.

#3 Doctor Doom.

Note: A villain who desperately needs a good film treatment in my opinion.

Reason: Doctor Doom is just straight up awesome. He's intelligent, cold, calculating and scheming. Even though he's often the main antagonist of the Fantastic Four, Victor Von Doom has been an enemy of the entire Marvel universe. He's also fought against The Punisher, Daredevil, The X-Men and many others. He also has a great mystery behind him, he hardly ever takes his mask off. I mean that's pretty damn interesting. Hope he gets a good film treatment.

#4 Bullseye.

Reason: I know people say Kingpin is Daredevil's greatest enemy, but I disagree. In my opinion it's Bullseye. I mean he killed Elektra, Daredevil's lover. I mean poor Daredevil. He also makes Daredevil's life just plain hell. He's also Marvel's deadliest assassin. I know people say Deadpool is Marvel's deathstroke. Again I disagree. I think Bullseye is Marvel's Deathstorke. Both never miss and are pure evil. No matter where you go you're never safe from Bullseye. Definitely watch out for people like Bullseye.

#5 Mysterio.

Reason: I know everyone makes fun of the ball, but I love it. Mysterio has and always been my second favorite Spider-Man villain. He has a bad ass costume, and cool powers. He can give you illusions and make you a hallucinate. He's given Spidey some trouble. I would hate to fight against. He would make you see things that aren't real. Now that's some scary shit. I've been wanting this guy on film for a long. Now that's a cool villain.

That's my list for Marvel and DC villains. What would your list be? Comment below and let me know.


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