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A while ago, Sony announced that they had a female-fronted Spider-movie in the works, and the rumor mill went wild. There isn't exactly a dearth of lady-shaped characters in the Spider-verse, and everybody seems to have a favorite.

Now, as Sony hints that the upcoming film will be a team up (and you can read all about what that could mean from the lovely Catrina!), Felicity Jones talks to GQ about reprising her role as Felicia Hardy and actually becoming Black Cat.

We read rumors that you're Amazing Spider-Man's Black Cat.
Being vacuum-packed into a leather suit, doing backflips?! I'd love that. Can you start a petition for me?

Ok, so it's hardly a deep and meaningful heart-to-heart about the character (this is GQ, after all), but she's definitely on board with the idea, which is fantastic to hear!

Felicia had a relatively minor role in [The Amazing Spider-Man 2](movie:508593) as Harry Osborne's assistant, and we saw very little of anything that could make her Black Cat except for the name. Of course, it would be fairly easy to get around the whole "assistant" part - as a criminal, she could be attempting to steal something from the company, she could be spying for pay, there are any number of possible reasons for her time at Oscorp.

I would just love to see her brought to screen - I love her relationship with Spiderman, I love her look, and like most of my favorite comic book characters, I love that she isn't all good. She has something of a dark past, she has been both criminal and hero, and I like my superheroines grey.

Of course, it's still no-where near confirmed that this movie will even be guaranteed to go ahead, given then current state of the franchise, or that Black Cat would be a part of it if it did. I hope so, but we will just have to wait and see.


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