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Avengers Assemble! Marvel Had A Conference At The El Capiton Theater In Hollywood, Showcasing Their Latest Films Set To Be Released For Phase Three Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe!

It Seems That Apparently It Must Be A Trend To Just Throw The Release Dates Of Upcoming Films In The Next Few Years! Warner Bros. Did It With Their DC Comics Films, And Now Marvel! But Hey, I'm Not Exactly Complaining!

First On Our List -

Doctor Strange - November 4th 2016

Untitled Guardians Of The Galaxy Sequel - May 5th 2017

Thor: Ragnarok - July 17th 2017

Black Panther - November 3rd 2017

Captain Marvel - July 6th 2018

InHumans - November 2nd 2018

Marvel's The Avengers: The Infinity War -

Part l - May 4th 2018 - - - Part ll - May 3rd 2019

And Last But Definitely Not Least -

Captain America lll - Or - Marvel's Captain America: Civil War, Deemed By Marvel Studios - May 6th 2016


What Are You Most Excited About!


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