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Since I've been seeing everyone do their Spider-Man villains list, I figured I'd share mine. I was going to Batman and Superman, but here's the thing. Everyone knows Joker is Batman's greatest enemy and everyone knows Lex Luthor is Superman's greatest enemy. However with Spidey, it can be debatable. Some people say Norman Osborn/Green Goblin, Mysterio, Doctor Octopus, Venom and even Carnage. Before I begin, I just wanna say if you disagree please be respectful. Also keep in mind, I hate Ulitmate Spider-Man so there ya go.

The List.

#1 Norman Osborn/The Green Goblin.

What The Green Goblin Costume should have looked liked:

Reason: Sorry Dock Ock and Venom. You can't beat Norman. Trust me. Green Goblin is the worst of the worst. Norman Osborn earns the top spot. He's the only Spider-Man villain they got right on film (And Kingpin. If he counts) and he's also the only Spider-Man to find Spider-Man's true identity. I also liked him the 90s cartoon as well (which first introduced me to the character). I love his classic design, I really dig the purple hate and the costume (whether it's cloth or amor. Never understood what it was supposed to be. I think it's armor). Not to mention he's like the worst father ever. He treats his son, poor Harry like shit and comes off a total dickhead. May we not forget he also murdered Gwen Stacy, Spidey's love of his life. In Dark Reign he becomes president of the United States. He even lies to his son by making become the second Green Goblin to turn against Spider-Man. Therefore this is what makes him the #1 Spider-Man villain.

#2 Mysterio.

Reason: I know everyone makes fun of the ball, but I love it. Mysterio has and always been my second favorite Spider-Man villain. He has a bad ass costume, and cool powers. He can give you illusions and make you a hallucinate. He's given Spidey some trouble. I would hate to fight against. He would make you see things that aren't real. Now that's some scary shit. I've been wanting this guy on film for a long. Now that's a cool villain.

#3 Carnage.

Reason: I like him better than Carnage because he's more evil. I like Venom, but Eddie Brock has good him. Cleatus Cassaidy has no good in his bone what so ever. He's also a terrifying villain. Cool appearance and I hope he gets a better film treatment than Venom.

#4 Electro.

Note: Aaron Paul should have been Electro in my opinion,

Reason: I don't know what it is about Electro, but as a kid I always though he was so cool. Cool costume and powers. I even love his costume. It would be awesome to have lightning. He starts off as a loser than becomes a bad ass villain. Need I say more?

#5 Doctor Octopus.

Reason: This is the real Dock Ock. Spider-Man 2 made him a sympathetic pussy. Dock Ock is one of the meanest villains in comics, he was never a good guy what so ever. I didn't put him higher on the list because I didn't think he was handled well in Spider-Man 2. Despite the poor interpretation in Spider-Man 2, Dock Ock is still a cool character. What's not to like? He's smart, dangerous and a big threat to Spider-Man. He's a man with robotic arms. You gotta admit that's pretty cool.

#6 Venom.

Reason: Screw Spider-Man 3, I'm talking about the real venom. Not much else that I can say about Venom. The reason he's not in the top 5, because he was done so poorly in Spider-Man 3. Even though Spider-Man 3 sucked the big one, Venom is still a badass character. Cool appearence, cool powers what's not to like.

#7 Kraven The Hunter.

Reason: Kraven is so underrated. I'm surprised that no one ever talks about him. There's nothing not to like about this guy. No I'm not gonna lie, When I first saw Kraven he looked kinda lame to me. However as soon as I read some Spider-Man comics and watched the 90s cartoon I began to realize that Kraven was much cooler villain than I thought. Moving on.

#8 The Lizard.

Reason: I'm not talking about the movie version of the Lizard. That version sucked ass. They made him look a goomba from the Super Mario Brothers Movie. Tod McFarlane's Lizard and the 90s cartoon versions are far superior. The Lizard in the comics is a bad ass. Dr. Connors is also interesting characters as well. He is Peter's science teacher after all. I find that relationship to be very interesting.

#9 Wilson Fisk/The Kingpin.

Reason: Yes I liked Michael Clarke Duncan as Kingpin, Whopdy do. If he counts as Spider-Man villain, the only Spider-Man villains I liked on film were Norman Osborn and Wilson Fisk. If that counts. I know he's Daredevil's main target, but a lot of people forget. He started off as a Spider-Man villain. Unlike most villains, Kingpin is not only strong, but he's smart to. And trust me, he's a guy you don't wanna mess with.

#10 Scorpion.

Reason: Not sure where to begin. He just looks cool.

That's my list for Spider-Man villains. Hope you had fun reading this article. Who's your favorite Spider-Man villain. Please feel free to share. Hope you have a great day.


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