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I haven't played the Walking Dead game since freshman year, but seeing comic book characters in the show, made me wonder if we could get video game ones. Just YouTube gameplay the Walking Dead game if you don't wanna play the game, but just wanna get a feel for the characters.

The number one character I want on the show is Lee.

Isaiah Mustafa should play Lee

Isaiah Mustafa
Isaiah Mustafa

Sound familiar? I'd imagine, he was what some fans wanted as Marvel's Luke Cage. So far, he's been in Madea's Big Happy Family, and a lot of TV shows. Selfie is one of his recent ones.

His daughter could play Clementine

I know that Lee and Clementine aren't father and daughter in the games, but like Marvel, the creators of The Walking Dead don't have to stay 100% true to their source material. I can't call comics and games for The Walking Dead source material because they are based on the show, but you get my point. If they want a character from the comics or games, they can change stuff. Maybe for the show, make Lee and Clementine father and daughter, keep it the same or do whatever.

Video game story: The game starts off with you seeing Lee through the camera. He is in the back of a police car on his way to prison. He murdered the senator for sleeping with his wife. You are talking to the officer driving and then BAM! you are in the middle of the apocalypse. Lee is the character you play as for a bit, and you run into a little girl named Clementine and a group of survivors.

How he could be introduced in Season 5: I've been asking myself how this would work. Change Lee and Clementine's story, or just have the whole team of survivors from the game come in for an episode or two. Well, that's for you guys to talk about in the comments!


Should we get video game characters, too?


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