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One thing I’ve noticed on the walking dead is that Beth-centric episodes tend to have more music in them. That is certainly the case with this episode as we were treated to a number of songs rather than just a score like most of the other episodes. It was nice seeing A place that can actually bring music to life. It’s now like a wasteland as far as media goes.

The hospital seems like an interesting and potentially nice place, but the people are a bit more questionable. Beth was saved by one of their patrols, that means wether she likes it or not she needs to help out. Unfortunately, she’s being indoctrinated not this society until she can work off her debt.

There were some interesting dynamics at play during the episode. Everyone seems to accept that the debt they accrued merely being saved need to be repaid.there are the enforcers who think that making sure people earn what they get. They are the same people who try to exert their will and make people doe as they please. Dawn is willing to let her guard abuse the women that come through the place. That is inexcusable if she wants to earn her control. If she can’t keep everyone in line then she isn’t maintaining the control she thinks she has. Worst of all Dawn seems to have a nasty habit of smacking people when she doesn’t like the truths that she’s being told. Then there are those who want to resist, like Beth and a number of others who are forced. With the two sides it creates a place that is rather miserable to stay.

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