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Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is the best game ever that set in The Lord of the Rings universe.The best thing about playing Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is that it makes me feel over-the-top powerful without sacrificing the fear of defeat. It’s got great free-flowing combat and a good-sized, good-looking open world full of Lord of the Rings lore to find, but what makes it special is what’s going on in the background: an intriguing hierarchy of enemies that gives every victory and defeat extra meaning.

It is a game that combines the [Assassin's Creed](movie:437814) and Arkham series' gameplay in the world of Middle-Earth. This pretty much describes the game.So i give it a another title "Arkham-Earth: Assassins of Mordor".Surprisingly, however, this is not a bad thing, as the game turns out to be extremely interesting and addictive. There are many quests to do, collectables, hunting down Sauron's captains is great and the overall result feels like they have indeed invested time into creating something nice.

Plot And Gameplay:

Main character of the game "Talion" .
Main character of the game "Talion" .

In Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor,the player controls a Ranger by the name of Talion who has wraith-like abilities.Besides the main quest, the player has the freedom to pursue side quests and roam around the world.

A brief and shocking opening scene sets a dark and brutal tone as Talion, a former Ranger of Gondor, is ritually executed along with his family. Talion’s spirit is then bound to an amnesiac elf ghost and returned to Middle-earth for vengeance against Sauron’s forces. It’s a story that doesn’t make total sense for hardcore Tolkien scholars, but it’s well-acted. It makes decent use of Gollum, and there are a couple of memorable new characters - particularly Ratbag the comic-relief uruk, who guides you through the process of infiltrating the enemy army.

Talion's Upgrades And Abilities:

Talion is the star of Shadow of Mordor
Talion is the star of Shadow of Mordor

As you roam around the mordor you can hunt Sauron’s Captains and they will drop runes.Runes are items in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor that add powerful buffs to Celebrimbor's bow Azkâr, Talion's dagger Acharn, and Talion's sword Urfael. These runes can be obtained by vanquishing enemy Nemeses. Exploiting the weaknesses of an enemy will influence the type of runes they drop, and combining different runes will increase the power of Talion's weapons in different ways.

Upgrade Talion's Abilities!
Upgrade Talion's Abilities!

The player has the option to level up the abilities of Talion both as a ranger and as a Wraith through two distinct skill trees.Ranger abilities allow Talion to move silently through environments without attracting attention, while Wraith abilities allow him to impose his will on enemies and have them gather information for him, spread tales of Talion among enemies to decrease their morale, or assassinate their leaders.Also by wraith abilities you can mind control the uruks and create your own army of Uruks so you will become the Lord Of The Uruk.

Nemesis System:

Nemesis System is AWESOME!
Nemesis System is AWESOME!

Nemesis system is immensely amazing and great.What's most impressive about the nemesis system is how self-sufficient it is. This is a game about you coming into the picture and messing up the natural structure of Orc society, but with or without your input, that society will shift. An Orc veteran on the rise will make a power play to move up in the ranks, or a weaker captain will get himself eaten by a Warg, leaving an empty leadership position for some previously unknown soldier to fill.

Nemesis system also shows the captains and warchiefs weakness so you can plan and make your own strategy to kill them.Die in battle, and your slayer may be promoted and recall that early battle upon your next meeting. Horribly burn a foe and let him escape, and he screams for a rematch if he catches sight of you again. Dominate a puppet and turn him to your cause, and opportunities arise to move him up to warchief status. Many of these encounters happen naturally as you explore, but an equal number show up as new missions on the map.

World and Environment Of Mordor:

Shadow of Mordor: what a world!
Shadow of Mordor: what a world!

Shadow of Mordor also has all the requisite, expected attractions of a modern open-world game. Its two massive maps are beautiful, full of interesting landmarks and fun to navigate. There are collectibles that provide Lord of the Rings backstory to hunt down, as well as plenty of sidequests and weapon challenges that test your skills.Outstanding sound design enhances the sense of otherworldly peril.

On PC There are even some enhanced graphics settings, including an ultra-high texture setting that requires a full 6GB of video memory.


Shadow of Mordor: a GREAT Game!
Shadow of Mordor: a GREAT Game!

My Verdict (9/10)

  • Fantastic and Great Combat.
  • Amazing Graphics.

  • Nemesis System Is Immensely Amazing.
  • Create Your Own Army of URUKs.
  • Good Voice Acting.
  • Good Story.

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