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Warning: Walking Dead Spoilers on the way.

AMC has released a couple of promos and sneak peeks for next week's episode of The Walking Dead, "Self Help."

After last week's adventure with Beth in the Atlanta hospital, the action now switches to Abraham and his crew as they head north towards Washington DC in search of a cure for this whole "zombie apocalypse" thing.

But from the looks of this footage, it seems they might be bang out of luck.

It kicks off with the gang all aboard the fun bus and hitting the road:

With Abraham reminding everybody that the mission to get Eugene to DC is their only focus and there's no going back:

They are at war, and retreat means they lose:

However, the way to DC is long and full of walkers:

But it's this final image of Abraham on his knees and desperate that is the most worrying.

I think this is the moment that he finally learns the truth about what awaits them in DC. I won't give away what happens, but needless to say it leaves Abraham feeling a bit more than disappointed...

You can check out the full trailer below:

If that wasn't enough to whet your undead appetite, then you're in luck.

Here's a special sneak peek clip from "Self Help" featuring Eugene, Glenn and Maggie talking about what awaits them in DC, as well as debating the merits of a mullet:


Will Eugene be able to cure the undead virus?


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