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It has now been over 10 years since the release of the first Incredibles movie, and it is easy to forget quite how ahead of its time Pixar's story of a superhero's mid-life crisis was.

SInce then, not only have superheroes movies become some of the biggest grossing movies around, but with the Watchmen and the upcoming [Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409), we have even seen films with plots remarkably similar to taht of The Incredibles (of course, the comics existed first, but still).

So, can Pixar do it again with [The Incredibles 2](movie:673500)? Well, a sequel has been confirmed, but the plot is unknown - so what would you like to see from The Incredibles 2?

Is Jack-Jack going to attack?

Although we haven't seen anything of most of The Incredibles since their first outing all the way back in 2004, there was a short film featuring one member of the family - and it may be that he was the most powerful of them all!

Jack-Jack, the baby, featured in the short film Jack-Jack Attack, in which a desperate babysitter recounts her time trying to look after the youngest Incredible.

Watch that here - and try to keep track of *all* of Jack-Jack's powers!

That's right, this baby can fly, teleport, bite-through wood, spontaneously combust, and fire laser beams from his eyes! And that is still as a child, who knows what other abilities he might have developed?

Given his incredible powers, some fans have speculated that Jack Jack might turn evil! What do you think, could The Incredibles 2 see the Mr. Incredible and his family have to take down the most powerful member of their family, now 10 years old? That would be one hell of a fight!

The Underminer & Frozone

Of course, there was a new villain teased at the very end of The Incredibles - The Underminer!

Right at the end of the the movie a giant drill emerges from the ground, from which a rat-faced man comes, announcing: "Behold, The Underminer! I am always beneath you, but nothing is beneath me!"

You can take a look at that entrance again here now!

Could The Underminer return for The Incredibles 2? If, as many have predictied, real time will have elapsed between The Incredibles 1 & 2, and we meet the family 10 years on, we could see The Underminer locked in prison, but holding some crucial information that Mr Incredible need to get out of him.

The other character likely to return for The Incredibles 2 is Frozone, who was voiced by Samuel L Jackson.

Frozone & Mr Incredible wearing their supersuits!
Frozone & Mr Incredible wearing their supersuits!

Samuel L has, of course, now appeared in another HUGE superhero franchise, [The Avengers](movie:9040) - and so any reappearance he made in The Incredibles would have the advantage of a certain crossover appeal.

And it looks like he will return, early this year, Jackson was asked about a potential Incredibles 2, and he said

Every time I run into Brad [Bird, the director of the movie] he always tells me Frozone is part of what’s going on

So what do you think? What will be the plot of The Incredibles 2? How much are you looking forward to this movie? Write in with your own thoughts and speculations below the line!


Who do you think will be a big bad of The Incredibles 2?


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