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When you think of the word 'zombie,' a few of these things might immediately jump to mind: The Walking Dead, "Braaaaaains," and a barren and dangerous post-apocalyptic world. What you probably don't associate the word zombie with is: jet-pack selfies, zombie yacht battles, or a police skateboard chases.


Well then let me introduce you to the newest faces in the zombie movie genre: Sam and Mattie.

Meet the creators:

Sam and Mattie have been best friends since meeting years ago at the Special Olympics and bonding on their joint love of skateboarding and video games, however these guys' real passion is cinema.

Three years ago the two started brainstorming and story-boarding their own film, one of the zombie variety, and now, after going as far as they can by themselves, the two are on a mission to make their Teen Zombie Movie a reality.

How you can help:

Unfortunately, Sam and Mattie cannot make the movie themselves, but thanks to help from their friends and family, a Kickstarter has been set up with a goal to raise $50,000. The money will help them create a 15-20 minute short film containing some of the most amazing sounding scenes I've ever heard, as well as a documentary detailing the whole process.

Just in case you were in any doubt about how amazing this film would be, take a look at some of the story-boards from Teen Zombie Movie:


Police skateboard chase

I'm not sure if it'll be Sam and Mattie being chased by police on the skateboards, or zombies being chased by police on skateboards, but either way it sounds AWESOME.


Zombie Prom Ambush

A modern zombie twist on a classic scene.


Selfies and sexting on jet-packs

Let's be honest if you were using jet-packs, it's a total waste not to take selfies or brag to a girl about it.


Zombie yacht battle

No word on whether or not this comes after the devastating zombie prom ambush, but you see the DJ at the back? The boys have plans to ask DJ Pauly D to cameo.


Prison workout montage

Brilliant! Every movie needs a good montage scene.


At the moment, Sam and Mattie's Kickstarter account is at $15,000 and well on its way to meeting their goal, but to get involved and help out with Sam and Mattie's project, make sure you check out their Kickstarter account here.

Check out their entire movie pitch below:

Good luck boys! With that kind of dedication to an idea you love you can't fail. I look forward to seeing the finished result!


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Source: Viralnova, Kickstarter


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