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We all know that - where celebrities are concerned - a little, subtle Photoshop work can turn an already-attractive celebrity star into an otherworldly beauty. And we all know about the magic of special effects.

But just look at how good, old-fashioned make-up effects can do the same thing!

Photographer Alexander Khokhlov and Make-up Artist Veronica Ershova put in heaps of time and effort in order to create these astonishing works of art. Check these out and just try not to make your brain hurt!

This shaded beauty

I'm really finding it hard to see where reality ends and art begins, here!


This Roy Lichtenstein-inspired face painting

Where are her real eyebrows? It's sending me dotty!!


This pixelated Mona Lisa-esque piece of work

Pretty impressive, no? I wonder how they got the squares so damn perfect!


This black and white optical illusion

After staring at this one for a good 3 minutes, I figured out that the black lady's chin was painted on the white lady's neck...

Mind. Blown.

Props to the magnificent artists, and the models who sat through endless hours of hair and make-up in one chair without talking!

Just... WOW!


Which of these incredible artistic feats do you find the most puzzling to look at?

(Source: Dose)


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