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Are you enjoying The Walking Dead Season 5? Well, if so, don't get too comfortable because according to the original comic book creator Robert Kirkman, things are about to get shaken up.

In a recent chat with IGN, Kirkman revealed some of what we can expect in the fifth season of the hit AMC show. Firstly, it seems that season 5 will be following the original comic-books closer than previous seasons. Although the entire series has often followed the major beats and characters of the graphic novel origins, season 5 will take this up a notch. He explained:

Season 5 is, more than any other season, following the comics very closely. There’s more comic book moments being adapted than there have been in any previous season, so there’s a lot of cool stuff for the comic fans coming up and a lot of stuff they will recognize, but of course we’ll be doing some stuff in different ways. . . There are a lot of cool key moments that come directly from the comics.

Of course, we're beginning to see some of this already, with Father Gabriel being introduced and a run in with the Hunters (well, kind of) earlier in the season.

But perhaps the biggest change of all in season 5 comes from Eugene and Abraham's insistence on reaching Washington to try and cure the walker disease. This is perhaps the first time the gang has an objective other than ensuring their own immediate survival, and it looks like this is going to have a major impact on how the story progresses. Kirkman continued:

The biggest thing for Season 5 is that the story completely changes. . . There’s a mission to this season—this mission of getting to Washington and if there’s a cure there and if there’s infrastructure there and security there. What is it that is actually in Washington? I think that having our characters suddenly be driven with a goal that they can actually accomplish is changing how we tell stories in a big way. The episodes of this season are going to feel a bit different than how the show’s felt before.

Quite what this means practically is anyone's guess, although if you've read the comics you might know what's in store for Rick and the gang...


Are you glad to see The Walking Dead go a different direction in Season 5?

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