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After Matt Smith abdicated his role as the 11th Doctor to Peter Capaldi, we were all a little bit skeptical about whether or not The Thick Of It actor would be able to pull off the role...

But just as the latest protagonist of the BBC is starting to win-over us doubters, his first season is nearing its end, with a 60 minute extended finale titled "Death in Heaven."

Episode 12 of the show is set to cap off a cliffhanger that leaves The Doctor, Clara, and the entire world in danger in the closing moments of season 8's penultimate episode "Dark Water." Check this out and see if it doesn't give you shivers:

I don't know how he manages to do this to me with each of his Season Finales, but Moffat manages to have me all over the place. I am so stoked for the season finale!


Are you pumped for the Capaldi-led finale of Doctor Who?

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