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Now, I am admittedly a little more ridiculously over-excited about Star Wars Episode VII than most (all those neighborhood cats dressed themselves as Tauntauns, I swear...), but even I'm taking the approaching sequel to the World's Greatest Movie Series® with a pretty decently sized grain of salt.

I mean, I assume it'll be awesome - and if it's not, I'll probably have to apologize to a lot of people for two years of over-enthusiasm - but I'd still be wary of claiming anything quite so bold as, say, 'it'll be better than Empire Strikes Back,' if only for fear of jinxing the whole thing.

But, then again, I haven't been on the set, read the script, or seen just how good it'll actually be (Damnit, J.J!) - unlike, that is, a certain Mr. Anthony Daniels, a.k.a. C-3PO, who just tweeted this...

Which would be...awesome, if it's true.

I mean, we're talking Empire Strikes Back, here.

The movie that gave us...


The greatest of all improbably designed vehicles.

Han and Leia!

Because, let's be honest, after the first film, she could easily have ended up with Luke, and that would have been awkward for EVERYBODY.


Love him, we did.

Boba Fett!

And enough other Bounty Hunters to fill a...well, a Star Destroyer, apparently.

The Greatest Twist of All Time

That's right, The Usual Suspects, I said it...

And, of course...

The Most Fantastically Depressing Ending of Our Childhoods

That's right, Charlotte's Web, I said it...

So, y'know what? If Anthony Daniels is even halfway close to right, it's time to get even more excited...

Now, where are those Tauntaun costumes...


What do you guys think? Will Star Wars Episode VII be even better than Empire Strikes Back?

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