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Sure, he might be undeniably pretty, but even the way that Kai eats jelly points to him being a truly terrifying psychopath.

With the arrogance and "devil may care" attitude of an early Damon, and a despicable past behind him, Kai is shaping up to be the most dangerous villain [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) has ever seen, but this guy hasn't even started revving his evil engines just yet.

The sociopathic, family-murdering, unrepentant witch is going to be a huge part of this season as the undeniable 'big bad,' and Chris Wood doesn't think we should underestimate his character. The actor behind Kai explained to E! Online that:

I'm biased a bit, but I think that Kai is probably the most intelligent villain to have graced the show. Villains are usually pretty smart in order to get themselves in and out of trouble but Kai is a different form of genius and that's obvious from these first few episodes—waiting to introduce himself to Bonnie and Damon for months, the way he tricked and coaxed Bonnie's magic out of her, the way he vervained the bourbon knowing Damon would drink it, all those things lead us to believe that he's pretty observant and smart. And intelligence is dangerous in the wrong hands

According to Wood, the thing that separates Kai from villains of Mystic Falls past is the fact that he is undeniably unhinged. The former Carrie Diaries hunk told interviewers that we better watch out for Kai because of:

his unpredictability and the fact that he can go from zero to 60 in any direction, be it joy or rage, makes him just really hard to peg. You can't ever assume how he's going to react or know what he's thinking. That makes him one of the most dangerous villains to ever be on the show

But, is it possible that Kai is redeemable like a lot of the past Vampire Diaries villains? Wood clearly isn't ready to give too much information about Kai's history away just yet because he told interviewers that:

He could very well have complete justification for his actions or he could not and just be sociopathic and psychotic. My favorite word to describe him is erratic. He's the very definition of that word and we'll see more and more how that's Kai's middle name

The events that happened in Kai's past are clearly going to shape this entire series in a way, so I can't wait to see if we can ever learn to feel some sympathy for this villainous being. I have a feeling he was made and not born evil, but only time will tell...


Do you think Kai is the worst villain yet?

(Source: E! News)


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