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After being released from a psychiatric hold recently, Amanda Bynes continues to show troubling signs that she is battling with serious mental illness.

In a positive Tweet that appeared on Monday evening, Byne's reassured fans that she was taking medication and receiving appropriate help for her newly diagnosed bi-polar disorder:

But then, in the early hours of Tuesday morning, the 28-year-old actress bizarrely claimed that a friend had posted the Tweet without her permission in the following surprisingly upbeat Tweet:

Bynes also hit out at her parents for not doling out enough money for her to live on in multiple Tweets that express her rage about, what she feels, is an entirely unjustified conservatorship.

Perez Hilton reports that Amanda Bynes is temporarily staying with three girls in West Hollywood, one of them being her hairstylist.

The troubled actress currently does not have access to her $5.7 million in assets and is living off gift cards provided for her by her parents.


Do you think Amanda Bynes needs to go back into psychiatric care?

(Source: The Daily Mail and Perez Hilton)


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