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Still suffering from the post-weekend slowdown? I'm seriously missing Halloween, I think it's my favorite holiday of the year. So now I find myself sifting through intrepid cosplayers' amazing works and attempting to figure what the hell I'm gonna go as next year (if I start working out now, maybe I could do Black Panther justice?). Should I make the costume myself or keep it simple and buy a symbiotic Spiderman costume, as I promise myself every year.

To create a costume is no mean feat, and there are some incredible examples of that rule all over the interweb. One notable offering being this fantastic Hulk costume!



This terrific costume was created back in 2012 by the very talented Nicholas Young, and his wife and still deserves an honorary mention, just because. It's Awesome.


The costume was created with a lot of couch foam, eight cans of spray glue, a lycra suit, electric carving knives, a dream, and a truckload of hope.

Looks like a Tron themed fairy here
Looks like a Tron themed fairy here

It cost roughly around $600 and took over 120 hours to build! That's true dedication. Though the mask was purchased separately, and that's completely fair enough. As if the body wasn't hard enough to make!


The hands I think are my favorite part. They have braces inside separating each finger and they allow actual movement by allowing half of a finger to fit inside! So cool!

The feet are the crucial part of the costume as they need to add height to Hulk. Young used bits of boots, sandals and a 2x4 piece of wood to create the foundation of the feet, then stuck foam around them to give them that real Hulk texture.

Even the half finished version looks so, so cool! Loving the mancave too, exactly how mine would look.

Here's some post-airbrushing action. As you can see it adds definition and a bit of cel-shading to Hulk.

All in all, a spectacular job from the Youngs! Never thought a Hulk cosplay could ever come out this good. Here it is in action:

Looks like I'll have to get my Halloween 2015 plans in real early!



What did you guys make of this Hulk cosplay?


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