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Christian Bale is no longer set to play the late Steve Jobs in Danny Boyle's upcoming biopic.

According to The Hollywood Reporter:

Bale, after much deliberation and conflicting feelings, came to the conclusion he was not right for the part and decided to withdraw.

The film is being written by Aaron Sorkin - no stranger to detailing the lives of tech-industry billionaires, having penned Mark Zuckerberg's not so glamorous depiction in 2010's The Social Network.

'You want me to step up again?'
'You want me to step up again?'

Although the title of the project is yet to be announced, Sorkin has confirmed details surrounding the structure of the film, which he says will be based

around three 30-minute scenes all set right before three major product launches.

These products will be the Mac, NeXT, and the iPod, with each scene taking place in real time, though presumably without 24's foreboding countdown clock.

With the incredible talents of Boyle and Sorkin on board it's set to be an unmissable flick, but as filming is scheduled to begin later this year the project is in dire need of a suitably extraordinary leading man.

Taking on the role of the revolutionary Apple entrepreneur is no small task, and after both Leonardo DiCaprio and Christian Bale have fallen by the wayside, I look to the rest of Hollywood for potential candidates.

Here's who I think could do Jobs justice...

Benedict Cumberbatch

The Sherlock superstar gave a fantastic performance as WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in last year's The Fifth Estate and there's no reason he can't bring that same energy to this role. Unfortunately, we wouldn't be treated to his silky-smooth, charming British accent, but it would be interesting to see him go American.

James Franco

Seth Rogan is still in talks to play Steve Wozniak - Jobs' fellow co-founder at Apple. Could his regular co-star and bromance-buddy James Franco take Bale's spot? Director Danny Boyle has already worked with Franco on 127 Hours, and the partnership with Rogan would certainly provide some on-screen romantic tension between the Apple tycoons.

Woody Harrelson

Aaron Sorkin told fans at the Tribeca film festival that he views Steve Jobs as:

a fascinating guy — part hero, part antihero.

With this in mind we can't think of a better actor than Woody. He's done a wonderful job at playing the loveable rogue Haymitch Abernathy in The Hunger Games, as well as the brutal, Twinkie-loving Tallahassee in Zombieland. He could provide exactly the right amount of moral ambiguity that Sorkin is looking for.


Who do you think should play Jobs?


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