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Dragon Age: Inquisition, is only two weeks away with a release date of November 18th for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One!

With so many gaming review companies getting the opportunity to play Dragon Age 3 in the last few days, we have plenty to go on with regards to what this game is going to feel like in its opening hours and beyond.

But first off let's take a quick look at Mass Effect 3 and see what the game will hopefully have taught Bioware with regards to fan reception and the freedom of choice. Let me know if you're excited for Dragon Age: Inquisition in the comments!

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Mass Effect 3's Lessons for Dragon Age: Inquisition!

Mass Effect 3 ending
Mass Effect 3 ending

Let's just talk about the ending briefly, then we can move on. Naturally, if Bioware display such a massive degree of choice elements in Dragon Age: Inquisition, they are going to have to ensure that this element of choice is reflected in the ending. We cannot be lumped into 3 categories and made to choose from 3 completely different endings, endings that some people found difficult to pick any of which.

Mass Effect 3 was a sensational game. It's combat, diversity, characters, dialogue, visuals and voice acting were an inspiration. Unfortunately, in the minds of many fans, all of this was undermined by the conclusion. Therefore, it remains clear that Dragon Age: Inquisition must offer players a conclusion that feels as if their actions beforehand impacted upon its outcome. Other than that, Mass Effect 3 is a far better model for the game than Dragon Age 2.

Dragon Age II
Dragon Age II

The latter game showed that players wanted a large world that they could explore, rather than just fast travel around a big city. The combat was an interesting addition, but it removed the solid RPG style for devoted fans, such as the more tactical combat that Dragon Age: Origins displayed. Thankfully, this appears to be making a return.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Looks Great

Let's take a look at what reviewers have had the chance to play already. First off, the character customisation options appear to be extensive and highly impressive. We are granted the option to play as four races at the game's outset; Human, Elf, Qunari and Dwarf. This is the first time that we've been granted access to playing as a Qunari, and I'm sure it'll be a popular choice for players.

The game offers an insane degree of customisation, from eye colour that ranges to inner and outer cornea options, to different voices that your character can have (each gender has two voice options). Always a wonderful addition to a game in my opinion when you can hear your protagonist speak, the only downside to the original Dragon Age.

Dragon Age: Inquisition
Dragon Age: Inquisition

Combat, as I've mentioned, has adapted the varying styles from the other Dragon Age titles. Even hardcore RPG players of Baldur's Gate and such, maintained that though they did utilise the pause-play tactical options, they were surprised by how great the action RPG side was. They spent more time in 3rd person, sending a bombardment of spells towards their foes (if they were mages of course). Sounds great!

In terms of exploration, the game was likened to Kingdoms of Amalur, in that it gave you large open areas, but they were still linear in a sense, just not exactly corridors. It is not a completely open world, but it has a certain degree of exploration within each area. This offers a large degree of capabilities for the player to engage with as many side quests, fights and activities as they see fit.

Dragon Age: Inquisition
Dragon Age: Inquisition

One reviewer even ran into a dragon that was flying overhead very early on and had his ass handed to him. Guess it was just an area that he wasn't quite ready for, or perhaps this demonstrates how important the tactical camera will become during more difficult battles.

In terms of decision making, the game seems to be quite up front with regards to informing you how you've impacted upon the world or on a relationship with a companion. Thus, this allows you to tailor your responses during conversations to how you want your player to be seen. Of course this was always an option, though Dragon Age: Inquisition seems to be more helpful in this area, not at all like The Witcher 2.

Dragon Age: inquisition seems to be setting a great pace, one that will hopefully inspire Mass Effect 4. The character customisation for starters would be a welcome introduction to the Mass Effect series if the ability to play as another race was granted. Imagine the capabilities if you could create your own Krogan or Turian protagonist.

Dragon Age: Inquisition
Dragon Age: Inquisition

In terms of combat, I always find that a tactical option helps to cater to all kinds of RPG fans and may even take a player out of his comfort zone for the better! Let's hope that Bioware have learned from their recent misgivings with Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age II, and that Dragon Age: Inquisition will be the start of getting our old developers back for this game and Mass Effect 4!

All in all, the game appears to be an absolute blast! I for one cannot contain my RPG-fanboy excitement for Dragon Age: Inquisition!!


What will you be getting Dragon Age: Inquisition on?!


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