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Hey guys, sorry I'm late with this. I tried to do this yesterday when I was on the phone with TWC for 3 hours (again) but I made the mistake of erasing everything I typed due to rage because all week I've been having issues with them and out of the 14 people I talked to (not exaggerating) only about 2 of them were smart enough to finally work with me.

So Anyway!

This will be my first single episode review for this season of SNL! I am glad I started writing about each episode because while I watch it, I think of things to mention in my review. I am also super excited for the 40th anniversary special that will be airing in February. If it's gonna be anything like the 25th anniversary, then it should be awesome.

Chris Rock hosted this past weekend with musical guest Prince. Before watching the episode, I was already aware of two things.

1. Prince made SNL history by performing onc for 8 uninterrupted minutes instead of the usual two separate performances.

2. Chris Rock's monologue was considered controversial.

Both of these facts made me excited to watch the episode because who doesn't love witnessing history or controversy?

So let's do it to it.

The opening sketch was your typical political themed opening. I don't mind these, but I hate following politics so I probably won't catch all the jokes made during these moments. But this sketch wasn't too bad. It had Cicely Strong, Bobby Monihan, and Kate McKinnon, so that's a recipe for a good sketch. In my opinion though, I think McKinnon is what really made this sketch as funny as it was.

The sketch was an interview with Chris Christie (Moynihan) about the Ebola patient who was released from quarantine. McKinnon really shined as the Ebola patient. She made it clear that she can do whatever the hell she wants. One of her examples was even tossing out loose M&M's to all the trick r treaters. The sketch wasn't terrible though. The opening sketches are always tough because not only does it set the mood for the whole episode, but they have to some how fit in "And Live from New York, it's SATURDAY NIGHT!"

Let's talk about the monologue. Chris went with a stand up monologue, which is one of my favorite types of SNL monologues because it's just a little bit of stand up before the show really gets started. He ended up bringing up two controversial issues which were the Boston Marathon bombing and 9/11. He didn't do it in an offensive way, which I think is fine. He did a great job at being careful and covering his tracks. Especially when the audience was laughing nervously. The more he talked about these things seemed to make the audience more comfortable as if they were saying "oh you guys are laughing too? good I don't feel too bad then." One person though wasn't afraid to laugh, and that was one of the band members. I don't remember what instrument he plays, but he was almost directly behind Chris and he was cracking up for about 95% of the monologue.

The next sketch wasn't one of my favorites, but it had Kyle Mooney in it and Chris Rock yelling "What's fapping?". It was about a teenage girl (newcomer Leslie Jones) who did dancing videos on youtube, and since it was her 300th video, she did a live stream. Overall it wasn't a bad sketch. The more I think about it as I'm writing this, the more I'm kinda laughing at it. Mooney played her friend, who was very clearly in love with Jones, Chris played her dad, and Jay Pharoah played her brother. Chris Rock wasn't happy to see her dancing the way she was dancing for all these people. Especially after learning what fapping is. He tried to show her a more classy dance move (after yelling at the people watching to not fap at him doing it), and it started out nice with father and daughter dancing, but then Jones turned it into a lot more sexual.

Next was a commercial for a product called GoProbe. I'll be honest, I didn't know where this commercial was going at first. It had Beck Bennett, Kyle Mooney, and Taran Killam as extreme sport athlete's and they were advertising a camera. But then it takes a turn. They begin promoting the camera for something more than extreme sports. Colonoscopies. It was quite a twist. Especially how excited they all were to get one. the GoProbe even gave them the option to play with the video a little bit and they showed one of them skateboarding through their colon.

How's he doing? was one of my favorites for the night. It is a reoccurring talk show where African-American people talk about how President Obama is doing. I really enjoyed this one, and I'm happy to see Kenan being funny. I grew up watching All That, so Kenan will always have a place in my heart, but he hasn't been as great as I think he could be. That's just my opinion though, yours could be different. My favorite part was when Kenan asks if Obama would lose their support if he changed his hair style and they go through different types of hair. A couple were acceptable, so whatever. But some were unheard of. But the support remained.

How about those sunglasses?
How about those sunglasses?

Next came Prince's performance. Now, I want to start off by saying that I did grow up listening to classic rock, but I was never a huge Prince fan. But I was very aware of how great of a guitar player he is. Prince was accompanied by an all female band called 3rdEyeGirl and they performed a 3 song set (Clouds, Marz, and Another Love) in medley form. The best part was the dueling guitar solo in the middle. I gained a little bit of respect for Prince after that, because it was very enjoyable. But I was a little annoyed that he didn't appear at the goodbyes at the end.

Weekend update was, as usual, awesome. It's always my favorite part of the show, and I have been loving it even more with Michael Che and Colin Jost. Due to the extra long monologue and the song performance, I think it was a little shorter than usual. My favorite part was when Michael Che messed up his line a couple times, tried not to laugh at himself and recovered by saying "Prince, everyone!". And I can't not mention Pete Davidson returning and talking with Che about STD's.

Next came another controversial sketch with Chris Rock and Kyle Mooney bringing the idea of ISIS to Shark Tank. I really liked this sketch, but you can tell that it took the safe way out. ISIS was looking for funding through one of the Shark Tank investors and instead of investing, they called homeland security. But I really liked Chris and Kyle together. I thought they did a great job with this one.

I might need this
I might need this

So I am not ashamed to say that I am actually a Taylor Swift fan. She's got a great voice, she's a good guitar player, she's cute, and she's funny. Whatevs. This commercial was for a product called 'Swiftamine' which is for adults who get vertigo when they discover they like Taylor Swift. I thought this was pretty clever because her recent country turned pop star act has been a pretty popular change. And let's face it, her songs are effing catchy. Aidy Bryant was in this sketch and I realized we hadn't seen her all night, so I'm guessing she wasn't able to be in this episode. Hopefully she will be in the next episode on the 15th.

Wasn't able to find a good picture for this sketch, but I'll be honest, it wasn't a very good one. It was Chris Rock and Leslie Jones as a married couple bickering. It sadly wasn't very funny, and it definitely seemed like it was just a last minute filler to take up some time.

And what's becoming my new favorite part of every episode this season, Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney's prerecorded sketches. This week? Bank robbers. It started off scary and suspensful with three guys (Moynihan, Bennett, and Mooney) coming in full force ready to rob this bank. The twist? They are so nice to their hostages. They start off by giving that kind of sarcastic tone by asking what someone needs, but then they actually help them out by giving them a chair, or a glass of water. They were able to escape with the money, while everyone was celebrating and partying.

This was a good final sketch of the night. It started to lose me a little bit, but it pulled me back in pretty quick. I think the twist at the end with Chris Rock and Vanessa Bayer was really amusing.

So overall I think this was a pretty good episode. Next week there will be no SNL, but maybe if I have time between school work I'll post about some of my favorite sketches or favorite cast members. It will return on the 15th with Woody Harrelson which should be pretty awesome.

I had a thought this morning about what I can do to try and be more involved with the SNL contribution on Moviepilot and I have decided after this semester (which ends in mid December) I was going to do some research and try to get an interview with Michael Che during SNL's midseason break, which would be a couple months before the 40th anniversary special. I know he is very active on twitter, and still does stand up between episodes, so I feel like I might be able to reach out to him and get an interview that I could post on here. I doubt it could happen, but if anyone knows a way to make it possible, please let me know. This season's featured players have been some of the best in about ten years and it would be an honor to talk to someone like Michael Che about that.

Also they have announced that Cameron Diaz will be hosting on the 22nd of November. If I hear any other SNL news, I will be sure to post it as soon as possible.


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