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Tom Clancy's The Division, was most recently mentioned by Ubisoft when they stated that the announce date is on the way and very imminent for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The official phrase was the gamer's won't have to wait "too long" for their release date, a pity it wasn't just 'release'. Regardless, this game looks like it has some serious potential as it embraces its real RPG and MMO elements.

The game has naturally been compared with Destiny, as I myself have done here! This is of course due to the fact that both of these games have MMO elements and are one of the only big titles I can think of that were out this year or coming soon that make this claim. But what is it that Ubisoft have said they are trying to do with Tom Clancy's The Division?

Let's examine what this MMORPG has in store for fans of these genres, and the Tom Clancy series.

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Levelling Up in The Division's New York City

Tom Clancy's The Division
Tom Clancy's The Division

Before we begin, let's examine the word RPG. This area is essentially the genre of gaming that I enjoy the most, certainly it looks that way if you examine my hours of gameplay on the likes of Dragon Age or Dark Souls. But when most games say they have RPG elements what they mean is there are some stats that you can upgrade over time. They don’t have loot chests and levelling and character builds and loadouts and skill trees and all that stuff we associate with wizards, knights and goblins.

So when Ubisoft make the statement that Tom Clancy's The Division is a 'proper' RPG, what are they alluding to? Well take a listen to Mr. Cortes here!

“The biggest thing is it’s a Tom Clancy RPG,” says Rodrigo Cortes, senior brand art director for The Division. “It’s mixing realistic, tactical, possible scenarios with online play and RPG mechanics.”
Tom Clancy's The Division
Tom Clancy's The Division

Sounds like a little bit of heaven to me! Lately, you’re starting to see similar mixing of genres in other games. Before a game was either a shooter, or a third-person game, or a driving game. But now more and more there’s a blend of genres into a bigger game. It can make the game hard to define – it has shooter elements, RPG mechanics, it’s cover-based, online and a seamless open-world.

In many ways this was the major issue with Destiny, though other titles can make it work. But Destiny attempted to dull the chore mechanics of a great MMO and an engaging RPG and starting attaching these shells onto a great shooter with no story. It just didn't pan out at all. But according to Cortes, Tom Clancy's The Division "has all of that, yes. But we took it to heart. It’s a proper RPG." I hope you're right, sir!

Tom Clancy's The Division
Tom Clancy's The Division

Following Activision and Bungie's resistance to even properly label what Destiny was (as they knew for sure it wasn't an MMO), it's like a breath of fresh air to see a developer admit and embrace the genre they find themselves working within! What will perhaps make this game so revolutionary, is that it may be one of the titles that will excel as an RPG set in the modern world, or even the future should I say.

Of course, this game is also setting out to transform the Tom Clancy franchise along the way. It has been in development for a long time, as for a while, Ubisoft weren't even sure if the game would be possible. MMOs take a very long time to produce and I'm sure this will in fact stand to the game upon its release. Of course the release date was initially going to be 2014, but I'm glad they've held it back. Take your time Ubisoft and do it right.

Are you looking forward to Tom Clancy's The Division?! Are you a big RPG fan? Let me know in the comments!!


Are you looking forward to The Division?


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