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I was so excited when I first saw the trailer for Deliver Us From Evil, which was directed by Scott Derrickson, who also directed Sinister and The Exorcism Of Emily Rose. The movie is based on a true story, which made it even scarier. I thought to myself “This will be the horror movie of the year”.

I was ecstatic when I opened my mailbox and saw that red Netflix envelope. I popped a bag of popcorn, turned off the lights and settled in for what I thought was going to be a great film.

Eric Bana plays the main character, officer Sarchie. This character is the typical hard nosed cop who keeps his family at “arm’s length”, which we constantly see on shows and movies. Personally, I think the tough cop stereotype is over done and just tired.

The secondary main character is Father Mendoza, a priest and ex junkie with a taste for alcohol and who smokes like a freight train, all while having an incredible head of hair. Father Mendoza becomes Sarchie’s new sidekick as they fight a group of possessed soldiers. Edgar Ramirez’s role as Mendoza was well written and well played.

The movie begins with an officer and his partner in route to a domestic violence call. The partner makes a reference to the officer about his “radar” aka his gift for knowing when calls are going to be interesting. The team encounters a soldier who is more than a little “off”. This is where the possession topic first shows. Their next call is a woman who is arrested for hurting her child, this is where Sarchie and Father Mendoza first meet.

Sarchie and Father Mendoza soon team up and set out to stop the main villain Santino, a possessed soldier with a seriously twisted look (played by Sean Harris). This is where things get interesting, the pair have to deal with not one, but three possessed people.

The movie was fantastic up until the last 15 minutes, when it falls flat. I would describe the ending as anti-climactic but that would be an understatement . The ending left me irritated and unsatisfied, like a teenage boy after prom. Everything aside, it’s still worth watching.


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