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Yep, you read that title correctly, GTA 6 and Bigfoot. Are you gamers aware of Bigfoot's presence within [Grand Theft Auto](movie:749804)? Actually, not only within GTA, but in Red Dead Redemption too. If you're familiar with it, you're probably laughing already thinking of the references, if not, then sit back and let me tell you the tale of the infamous Bigfoot that has roamed the hills of Rockstar's games!

GTA: San Andreas

It all started with Rockstar's GTA: San Andreas. Screenshots started to emerge of this creature living off in the large expanses of the forest within the game. Images like the ones below had people wondering whether it was possible to find this creature, if not in real life then at least in the game!

GTA: San Andreas
GTA: San Andreas

It was later revealed that the creature was not actually within the game's code, but was a fan-made mod that someone created for the PC version of the game. But that didn't stop people still attempting to find the creature and Rockstar thought it was genius. Naturally, being the awesome game developers that they are, they took it to the next level and exceeded our expectations!

GTA: San Andreas
GTA: San Andreas

Red Dead Redemption

To those of you that are avid fans of this sensational game, you will have gone out and bought the zombie DLC like myself. Which has to be up there as one of the greatest pieces of DLC of all time, up there with Dragon Age: Awakenings for me. Any DLC you like dear readers? Anyway, getting off topic here, back to Bigfoot!

In [Red Dead Redemption](movie:42294) Undead Nightmare, you were actually assigned a mission far up north in the colder parts of the game. After you run into a few bears on your way, you come across a Sasquatch and your mission becomes clear, now you gotta go kill a few of them in the area that have been eating babies. Yep, you actually hunt down the Sasquatch into extinction. You even have a conversation with the last one against a try as he weeps, explaining that some madmen killed his kind for all the wrong reasons.

You actually feel bad for murdering this guy's family, well after the laughter subsides!


No, no, Rockstar didn't stop there! They still find this hilarious! Bigfoot even makes an appearance in GTA V. It takes place in the unlock-able final mission of the game. It doesn't actually feature a real Sasquatch, just a mad guy in a Bigfoot suit, far more befitting GTA V's style! But the guy actually quotes and sounds like the one that we see in Red Dead Redemption.

"Shoot me human, make it stop!" Well, Rockstar, I say don't stop. I'd love to see this as a continuing trait of theirs, that this age old joke just keeps popping up. Let's hope it gets harder and harder to find each time! Maybe we'll see him in GTA 6, who knows?!


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