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It appears that Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs biopic is back to square one. After announcing that Christian Bale would be playing the iconic role of the Apple co-founder, the award winning actor reportedly decided to decline being a part of the upcoming drama.

According to a story by The Hollywood Reporter, Bale came to the conclusion he was not right for the part after much careful deliberation. This is coming from the man who has already won an Oscar for Best Supporting Role in The Fighter and earlier this year was nominated for Best Actor in American Hustle. Bale has proven time and time again he has the acting range and versatility to play any type of role which only adds to the curiosity as to why he doesn’t believe he can portray Steve Jobs.

While it might be a challenging role, it is nothing Bale couldn’t tackle. Boyle’s biopic is pulled from an Aaron Sorkin screenplay that will allegedly be divided into three acts, each containing one iconic moment of Apple’s product launches, unveiling the behind the scenes of such achievements.

Bale makes the second well-acclaimed actor to decline the Steve Jobs role. Leonardo Dicaprio was also offered the role which would have made the biopic his second collaboration with Danny Boyle, the first one being The Beach. But Dicaprio claims he is taking a break from acting and fairly so since the Wolf of Wall Street star has been acting since he was 14.

Another rumor regarding the biopic is that Seth Rogen would be game to play the supporting role of Steve Wozniak but no offer has been made yet.

Without a main actor securing the part of Jobs and a supporting actor that still hasn’t confirmed the rumors, it seems like the Danny Boyle and Aaron Sorkin project is still at very early stages. As long as they don’t go calling Ashton Kutcher, everything will turn out all right.


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