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Details are still thin on the ground with 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' and yet it's a movie I can't stop thinking about. I'm very much looking forward to seeing it at the moment, but as of yet I can't get myself aboard its train until I see a full length trailer. And even then, Warner Bros. has a reputation in my mid of making excellent trailers that aren't quite lived up to by the final product (see: 'Godzilla' 'Green Lantern' 'Man of Steel' and 'Sucker Punch'). But regardless, here are five things that I feel will definitely go a long way to making the movie better. And DC can have them for free.

1) Develop Clark Kent

Don't get me wrong, I like Henry Cavill. I think he has the potential to be a very, very good Superman. However, in Man of Steel we only glimpsed that potential and in this pseudo-sequel thingy up I would really like to see him shine as a fully fledged, three dimensional character in his own right. Not even necessarily making him like the comics, just so long as he has his own personality. Say what you will about the Christopher Reeve Superman, he at least had clearly defined character traits. Even if said character traits could get really, really dumb, but hey, who doesn't enjoy a bit of 1970's Superman? Anyone? No-one? Just me then I guess. Ahem. But anyway, we need to see Hanry Cavill given more chance to flesh out the character, and with Chris Terrio set to be helping write the script this time around, things are looking up.

2) Give Batman a more human side

I loved the Dark Knight trilogy and I have no issue whatsoever with how dark and gritty Batman was in it because, in the context of the film it worked fantastically regards the story being told. But that was in its own, self-contained trilogy and as a child of the 90's animated series, I want to see a more human and relatable Batman on screen. Probably no to the level of the series itself, but somewhere between that and Nolan's Batman, because while I don't want Bruce Wayne to be Frank Miller gritty, he does lend himself particularly well to a darker kind of narrative. But still, I personally want to see Ben Affleck portray a less psychotic take on the character.

3) Better portrayal of the Clark/Lois dynamic

Whatever your stance on Man of Steel, the one thing that you can't really deny was done poorly was the interaction between Superman and Lois Lane. Amy Adams has the chops to pull of Lois, but mainly due to the script, their interactions never felt very natural and Lois morphed from being introduced as a very capable, no-nonsense reporter into more of a bog standard damsel in distress. This wasn't helped by her lack of decent screen time. But with Clark now at the daily planet and Lois aware of who he really is (which is... fine i guess) that should give the film a lot more time to devote to this particular romance.

4) Lighten the tone

But not to Avengers level. DC's cinematic trademark is their darker, more real-world take on their superheroes and I really like it when it works. Sure, it doesn't always work but that's how you learn, and DC are just getting off the ground with their cinematic universe so mistakes are inevitable. But that doesn't mean I want to see the tone of Man of Steel carry through into Dawn of Justice. Even The Dark Knight had humour in it whereas Man of Steel felt grounded and dark almost to the point of dull. The standout scene in the movie was Superman learning to fly because we get to see some levity from Clark and he seems to be genuinely be having fun. That's not to say the film was bad, but the tone was a major issue for me. And in a movie with a title 'Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice', it may well be difficult to justify a very dark, gritty approach. So make it grounded, make it feel like the real world, but lighten it up a little too.

5) Have Superman AND Batman win

Superman would crush Batman in a one-on-one fight. It would probably be over in the blink of an eye. But Batman is far too canny to get into such a fight, at least not without kryptonite. He would be more likely to show Superman his superiority in a much more subtle way. He could leave him a message in his apartment to show that he knows his identity. He could threaten Lois if we want to be extreme. Or he could set some kind of elaborate trap, potentially involving kryptonite or red solar radiation, for Superman to spring, showing him who's boss. But it still needs to be made abundantly clear that a full strength Superman would wipe the floor with Bats.


So those were 5 things I want to see 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' do. What do you want to see from the film? Do you agree or disagree with my list? Either way, feel free to share your opinions below, and until next time guys, enjoy your lives!


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