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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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A lot of people would argue that regular taxidermy is creepy enough - gutting and preserving a dead animal is not a task for the faint of heart!

Still, some taxidermists go rogue and create Rogue Taxidermy, the bizarre practice of creating 'new species' with elaborate doctoring of preserved animal parts.

Check out these bizarre and creepy animals that would make the perfect pet for Ed Gein...


Leg of lamb, anyone?

It's one head, two bodies for the crazy li'l lamb found in a museum in Ft. Bridger, Wyoming.


The Monstrous Clawed Snail

Artist Takeshi Yamada's 'Giant Chupacabra Snail' is a fearsome thing to behold... just imagine that beast sliming its way over your cabbage patch!


The Monkey Fish

Is it a monkey? Is it a fish? Naw, it's better than that... it's a gorram Monkey Fish, and it can do whatever the hell it's little primate-piscine heart desires.



Bat Moth by Rick LeRue
Bat Moth by Rick LeRue



Feeling Horny?

This 2-Headed Ararapa Ram - designed and produced for Alexis Bittar - must surely be even more stubborn than its other ovine counterparts. Imagine trying to get a ram with two heads to agree on anything!


The Nardog

Rogue taxidermy showcase Urban Beast has a whole bio for the Canis Monoceros. What's more, he's kinda cute...


The Goat-Fish-Unicorn Thing

Rogue Taxidermy's 'Capricorn' is a funny little fella indeed...


And, best of all, the Monkey Band

Do you guy's know 'It's an Ape's World'? Or Abba's 'Monkey Monkey Monkey'? Oh, OK, just hurl your feces at the audience. Fine.


Did you enjoy your tour through the bizarre world of Rogue Taxidermy or are you feeling slightly disturbed? Let me know your thoughts below!


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