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Superhero movies are now famous for their post-credits sequences. For those who don't know, they are the short scenes right at the end of the movie which usually contain either a humorous elements or are somehow foreshadowing what's to come. To clarify, this order is for MCU movies only and is just my opinion, so don't judge but please comment what your list is.

Warning: Possible Spoilers

10. The Incredible Hulk- Tony Cameo

This one really isn't my favorite. But it was pretty awesome as the second film in the series we see our first EVER crossover. This was definitive proof that things were happening over at Marvel. Big things.

9. Thor- Selvig & Loki

This scene may be low on my list but it did one very important thing. It basically told us the entire plot of the Avengers in just over a minute. Loki's not dead. Loki wants Tesseract. BOOM! Whole film right there. Now this scene wasn't big but it performed its role perfectly: to hype people about Avengers.

8. Captain America: The Winter Soldier- Miracle Twins

This was an interesting one. I liked it because it showed us two unexpected things: 1. We got a sneak preview of The Maximoff Twins, who we though we'd see in Age of Ultron, and 2. We were not expecting to see any type of return from the Chitauri Scepter, but we were not complaining.

7. Guardians of the Galaxy- Howard the Duck

This was a fun one. I mean. Come on. Howard. The. Duck. None of us were expecting to see him in the MCU any time soon, and ESPECIALLY not before [Ant-Man](movie:9048), Doctor Strange, and Black Panther. So when I saw that in the cinema, I ended the film with a grin on my face. If anyone said they saw this one coming, they lied.

6. [Thor: The Dark World](movie:206462)- The Collector

I really liked this scene. This is not only set up Guardians, but also the Avengers Infinity War. This was the one which really got it under way. This sequence is one of the most intriguing ones yet and it left people leaving the cinema with food for thought on what's to come, which is exactly what it should do.

5. Captain America: The First Avenger- Avengers Montage

This gave me the chills. Whatever you were expecting at the end, this blew it out of the water. We got our first ever footage from the Avengers. That may not seem like much now because its a solid franchise, we see that stuff all the time nowadays. But, don't forget, a few years ago this was an untested idea. Could a film project this ambitious, this expensive, this HUGE, really work? After Captain America, I don't think that there was a doubt that Avengers would do well.

4. Iron Man 2- Mjolnir

When Coulson left half way through Iron Man 2 people got curious, but because lots of stuff went down afterwards, most people had forgotten about it. Then after the credits we got this ^. I mean, we knew they were making Thor, but this was the first shot we got and really proved they were moving ahead with this big jump. I mean, going: Iron Man- film about a funny human with no powers but is really cool (YUP, that could work), The Incredible Hulk- Human in experiment gone wrong and lots of explosions (He's had a film, yep, still could work), Iron Man 2- Same as 1 (good sequel will work), and then suddenly THOR THE NORSE GOD OF THUNDER FROM THE MAGICAL LAND ASGARD! It's a big jump. But this one shot made us somehow know it would work without even seeing the film.

3. The Avengers- Shawarma

This scene didn't tease. It didn't forebode. It wasn't long. Nobody even spoke, but it's just the fact that after the most nerdgastic film of all time, and after already seeing a post credits scene, we see a small clip of the six greatest superheroes having a calm meal, in full costume, whilst people clean up. This is why Marvel Studios is awesome: it likes to have gags. Not full on grumpy serious, the way DC is trying to be. Just plain and simple humor.

2. [The Avengers](movie:9040) (again)- Thanos

This scene. This scene. This is THE scene which sent us nerds into overdrive. I mean, Thanos, Infinity Gauntlet... it finally gave us the universal event we wanted so desperately. By the time Infinity War concludes, it will have been in the making for 10 years. A whole decade. Now although, the first phase was Origins, and we all know the MCU. Now I think that this scene was the exact moment the MCU was confirmed to be full of blockbuster smash hits which will not run out any time soon.

1. Iron Man- The Avengers Initiative

The one that started it all. The entire MCU could attribute its existence to this one scene. This scene, in my opinion, is the best by far because it was the biggest nerdgasm in human history. Seriously. I mean, after one HELL of a movie we got something we weren't expecting: a secret scene, and not only that, but with Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, and then the confirmation that we would see The Avengers on the big screen. It is definitely my favorite ever.


Which is your favorite?


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