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As some of you fine readers know, a bunch of us from Moviepilot's staff headed to Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo over the weekend, and it was pretty epic. We ran a booth and got to meet a lot of our readers and fan creators (and gave away a lot of, a LOT of candy), held a raffle for a Kindle Fire HD, hosted a Power of Fans panel, and generally ran around like idiots snapping pictures and trying not to spend too much money on all the swag.

(Spoilers: I failed.)

Sorry, wallet.
Sorry, wallet.

My personal highlight of the whole weekend was getting to meet Jack and Dan O'Brien from Cracked and talking business with them. I've interviewed a ton of celebrities for Moviepilot, and my first surreal, "Is this really happening...?" moment didn't occur until I met two unassuming dudes from an internet comedy site. Go figure.

But I've been reading Cracked for what seems like forever, and in my not-so-long-ago, pre-Moviepilot days, I used to make a daily pilgrimage to their site and think, When I grow up, I want to be a writer of the internets machine just like them. Which is both hilarious and depressing as many of their writers are younger than I am. So while we sat there, discussing ways we could team up Avengers-style, my mouth was saying, "Blah blah business things blah blah" but my brain was busy telling me

I have this argument like every day with myself.
I have this argument like every day with myself.

As it turns out, the Cracked crew were doing some fairly awesome things at Comikaze. If you thought they were just a site where you could learn 5 Mind-Blowingly Badass Facts About the History of Epic Stuff, guess again. I mean, did you know they have studios? Because they do. The Cracked Studios. And they're rolling out the second season of their web series, Rom.Com, which, if you've been on as many dates as I have with people you've met online (haven't been dismembered yet, Mom), is hilariously relatable.

Among Cracked Studios' other projects is Starship Icarus. If you're a Trekkie who thinks being on the Enterprise or Millennium Falcon (yes, I crossed the streams; cool it, geeks) would be the most epic thing ever,'re maybe a little wrong about that. And by "a little," I mean "way the hell wrong."

Those internet warriors of Team Cracked also held a live podcast which was all about a topic that we hold near and dear to us here at Moviepilot: Real-life superpowers.

They even invited a few audience members to come up and demonstrate what freaky stuff they could do. I would have volunteered, but the only weird ability I have is this:

Which, as special abilities go, is actually more of a hindrance than a cool party trick... No one wants the code name Captain Can't-Open-Shit.

Along with the podcast and panel, they spent quite a bit of time meeting with their fans directly at their booth (which was stocked with swag such as t-shirts and books), doling out pictures and autographs like they were Fat Joe and Lil' Wayne making it rain.

Basically what I'm saying is, if you haven't ridden the Cracked train for a while, you need to book a ticket ASAP. The listicles we all know and love are still there, but their webseries and original videos are also blowing up.

And who knows? You might just see a Moviepilot and Cracked team-up in the very near future...


If Moviepilot and Cracked joined forces on some projects, what type of content would you like to see?


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