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Today I came across something really cool, and it made me do a double-take - for a second there, I thought it was some kind of unreleased promo or behind-the-scenes Guardians of the galaxy image. But nope! Fooled by a brilliant cosplay artists once again, my favorite way to be wrong!

Today I bring you for your nerdy viewing pleasure, Norwegian cosplay artist Karin Olva, and her utterly badass version of Nebula. This is her amazing costuming and makeup job, with photography by Håvard Staub Nyhus (For whom I couldn't find a link) and Danarki Photography.

I love seeing behind-the-scenes and production shots - somehow the blending of fantastic characters with everyday people/surroundings makes it really surreal and entertaining. (And at the same time reminds you that these are real people, fans under the makeup, who are doing this on their own, for the love of the characters!)

And here are a couple progress photos, as well as individual costume pieces. Love to see that kind of inclusion and detail shots!

Without the purple-blue color, this looks like the beginnings of a neat borg cosplay.

I love seeing the individually crafted pieces, and can only imagine the time and energy that went into making each of them. Look how they fit, and the snap mechanisms that hold them together! The attention to detail in the grooves and patterns to make these pieces look like real crafted metal is amazing.

Awesome! Thanks so much, Karin! Keep being amazing!


What do you think of this Nebula cosplay?


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