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Now for something a little bit different from my usual fan-made features. This isn't cosplay, nor is it about an upcoming movie - but it's still something really cool I wanted to share with my beloved Moviepilot people, and I think you'll enjoy it. This is some official art from the English National Ballet's 2012 production of The Firebird, and it's one of my favorite costume/makeup jobs ever - combined with gorgeous ballet performance art.

This work has stuck in my mind as one of the best pieces of costuming and makeup art I've ever seen, for a lot of reasons. The attention to detail, the gorgeous colors and ornamentation - and the fact that it's durable and flexible, designed to move with a dancer and endure the hardcore punishment that is ballet. (Did I mention ballet is hardcore? It is.)

Check out this video to see this work of art brought to life and motion:

And here are the people behind its creation:

Headdress & Winged Harness designed and made by Rob Goodwin
Costume Design: David Bamber
Photographer: Diego Indraccolo
Ballerina: Ksenia Ovsyanick

And now enjoy some still pics - take some time to appreciate all the tiny details and sheer amount of time, energy and love that went into this work of art. Enjoy!

The attention to detail is just kind of staggering - and the lighting and composition remind me of Renaissance paintings. Even the photography techniques contribute to showing off this glorious work of moving art.

Thank you so much for reading - and thank you to everyone who made the Firebird possible!


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