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Today's cosplay excellence comes courtesy of awesome cosplay and makeup artist Shedra Masters!

This one made me really happy - I love the song, the animation, and the cosplay! You might have seen the video that quickly went viral after its release, an animation to go along with the song "Ghost" by Mystery Skulls. A good song in its own right, but then came the animation. It's a Scooby-Doo esque affair, directed by Ben Magnum, and you can check it out below:

After the video went live, the internet basically exploded. There's been a veritable tidal wave of fanart and love for the story and characters, especially our favorite sad ghost with a pink dad-combover hairstyle, Lewis!

Now check out some amazing pics! I love everything about this cosplay, but the LED light eyes have to be my favorite part. How does Shedra see in that? I guess it'll remain a mystery... skulls!

Styling the pink wig alone into the trademark combover is a great touch. I love it when artists pay attention to specifics in their cosplay! Specificity is important and attention to detail helps turn a good hair, makeup or cosplay job into a great one.

Look how the expression changes! I'm really not sure how much is mask and how much is makeup, but it takes a lot of expertise to get a mask that adheres to facial contours while staying in place and looking natural. Love masks and makeup that don't look like dead-eyed robots... even if the subject is dead as a doornail!

Smile! that's good and creepy, yep!
Smile! that's good and creepy, yep!

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