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With the recent speculation on how DC intends to bring together their TV and cinematic universes, many have jumped on the idea of using the Crisis on Infinite Earths story. This got me thinking, if DC pulled the idea of a multiverse off, could that potentially mean every DC movie we've seen be a part of this multiverse?

Even them
Even them

With this idea of multiple universes co-existing, the Donner/Reeve Superman & the Burton/Schumacher Batman franchises could very well be their own universe in this multiverse. On top of that, all the animated shows like Batman & Superman & Justice League could be one universe. Maybe, even Adam West's Batman show could be a universe.

The possibilities are endless. Though if Crisis did happen, they most likely would only use their current TV universe from the CW and their cinematic universe.

Wouldn't this be cool though? (minus the nipples)
Wouldn't this be cool though? (minus the nipples)

Think about what it would be like though if every single TV & Movie Batman & Superman & Flash & Company came together! Michael Keaton & Ben Affleck, Brandon Routh & Henry Cavill, Lynda Carter & Gal Gadot... ok maybe not all of them work, but it'd still be fantastic.

The point is if DC chooses to go the route of the Crisis on Infinite Earths, it could open up the possibility of seeing some of our old favorite actors play their iconic roles one last time, if not even for a cameo. Like Smallville suiting up finally! Or Michael Keaton getting another chance to play Batman & Adam West playing Old Bruce from a Batman Beyond universe. It wouldn't work to bring the animated worlds, but they could potentially exist.

Do you like the idea? If so which actor/franchise would you like to get a cameo or maybe even another installment if they do well? Let me know in the comments. Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice comes out March 25, 2016 and will mark the true beginning to DC's cinematic universe.


Which actor would you like to see again?


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