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Katheryn Winnick Wants To Be Cast As Captain Marvel for Marvels Phase 3! How badly?

Well she did just drop this gem on Instagram!

No this is NOT official, but WOW it sure looks it! A dedicated fan with real artistic talent made this in hopes that it might get Marvels attention. It looks fantastic, and so does she!

Photoshop works wonders!
Photoshop works wonders!
The original from TVs "Vikings"!
The original from TVs "Vikings"!

Katheryn Winnick plays Lagertha on the popular TV show Vikings. She also has a few other decent credits, which is typically what Marvel looks out for. A new, talented actor with a few credits here and there and the ability to deliver. Not to mention she's smoking hot! Marvel might want to at least consider her!

More info via IMDB:


Do you think Katheryn Winnick would be good if cast as Carol Danvers/ Captain Marvel?


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