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Having had more additions and retractions than an iOS update this week, the latest news reveals that Michael Fassbender could be set to take over from Christian Bale in the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, after he abandoned the project earlier this week.

Whilst he might see himself as perfectly capable of speaking on behalf of the Almighty and parting great oceans, apparently operating the original iPod just didn’t sit right with Bale, feeling that he 'wasn’t right for the part’. As a result, The Wrap reveals that Fassbender has been in talks for the part that would focus on the life and achievements of the technological titan, but its all very early days yet.

Directed by Danny Boyle and penned by Aaron Sorkin (who was buzzed when Bale came aboard), the story will be adapted from Walter Isaacson’s biography and focus on three key events in the innovators life; backstage before the reveal of the first Mackintosh, followed by NeXT and finally, the day when he pulled a blocky little bit of kit out of his pocket known as the iPod. The rest as they say, is technological history. Furthermore, rumours were circulating a while back that the film would in fact, stick with Jobs throughout his keynote speeches, meaning the camera probably wouldn’t leave Fassbender’s sight. It might be a tall order for some actors but it’s something he’s already familiar with thanks to that startling scene in Steve McQueen’s Hunger, which you can check out below. All uncut 20 minutes of it.

As for other pieces to this ever-changing puzzle, last we heard (all of five days ago) was that Seth Rogen had apparently been eyed for the role of Apple co-founder Steve ‘Woz’ Wozniak, as well as Jessica Chastain in an unconfirmed role. Fingers crossed some details finally get confirmed and we know for sure who is up for the task to take a bite out of the Apple saga very soon.


Is Fassbender a good replacement as Steve Jobs?


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