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Zelda and Link, Snake and Meryl, Mario and Peach. These loved up twosomes may be some of the greatest couples to have ever shacked up in a video game. But what kind of crazy gestures have these love-birds inspired in the players themselves?

You might not instinctively think of gamers as the most romantic of types, but I've got some truly heart-warming proposals for you that may just change your mind. The insane effort some of these gamers put in to woo their partners will astound you!

Knight in Shining Armor

Robert Fink went to the trouble of creating an entirely original game in order to pop the question to his girlfriend, Angel. The game, called Knight Man, seems like any ordinary platformer...until Angel gets to the end and everything changes. Fink filmed the whole heart-warming play-through, which you can watch below:

What's even more awesome is that you can play the game yourself at Just don't expect to end up with an actual diamond ring at the end!

Now You're Proposing With Portals

A British graphics designer named Gary Hudston had a very special 21st birthday present planned for his partner, Stephanie. Hudston simply sat her down in front of a computer screen, which displayed a small icon marked 'Play.' She clicked, while he waited anxiously.

What followed was a custom made Portal 2 level that had been six months in the making. To help him complete the project, Hudson enlisted the help of some extremely generous modders who worked around the clock for FREE to make sure everything was finished in time. Hudston even convinced Valve, the makers of the game, to record his own written dialogue! Actress Ellen McLain, who voices the evil robot GLaDOS, said she was happy to help, delivering lines in her hilarious dead-pan voice like, “You can say no. I’m sure he’ll get over it...eventually.”

The gobsmacked Stephanie recounts how:

I basically tried to stay calm while I began to play the first level. By the time I saw the heart appear on the floor, I was thinking ‘Oh my goodness. Is he going to propose?!’ Of course, I completely lost it when I got into the chapel room. It was definitely the best feeling.

Watch the full video of the portal proposal here:

What a fantastically creative way to pop the question!

Mr. and Mrs. Mario

This Mario super-fan transformed an entire room of his house into a level from the Mushroom Kingdom. His girlfriend April was also a huge fan of the games and was amazed with what she found when she came home!

The best part is that he makes her head-butt a coin block to release her engagement ring! At least she didn't have to climb all the way up a flag pole for it.

You can watch Mario rescue his princess below:

The fireworks at the end just make it!

Congratulations to all the happy couples! Maybe the gamer does get the girl.


Which proposal did you like the most?


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