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Star Wars Episode 7 has officially completed its principal photography, meaning that most of the scenes have been filmed. Along the way, fans have heard leaks, spoilers and plot rumors about J.J. Abrams take on Star Wars, however, there are still many key questions which remain unanswered.

If you would rather not know anything about Star Wars Episode 7, though, you should be warned: the rest of this article will contain plenty of:

Star Wars Episode 7 PLOT SPOILERS!

First things first, then - much of the Star Wars 7 discussion has centred on Daisy Ridley's character, believed to be called Kira.

Kira's home, a downed At-AT
Kira's home, a downed At-AT

Kira is, according to rumors, a scrapper, living on a sandy planet which may or may not be Tatooine. She makes her living selling on parts of stripped down starships. And it is while carrying out this work that she finds the lightsaber which originally belonged to Luke's father Anakin, which Obi-Wan gave him near the start of Episode IV: A New Hope.

However, recent leaks of concept art have reportedly introduced another character, who may be the new movie's version of one of the best loved characters of *both* the original trilogy, and the prequels.

Kira's Droid: The New R2D2?

Unfortunately, we only have a description of this droid, rather than any images of the concept art, but the descriptions do contain a few interesting details.

Smaller even than R2D2, this droid is believed to be used primarily for servicing vehicles, which would make sense given Kira's line of work. It has a dome-shaped head, can store equipment inside, and is decorated in orange and grey.

The new R2 looks like the head of this pit droid?
The new R2 looks like the head of this pit droid?

The most interesting feature of this little droid, however, comes when it is picked up by a stormtrooper. Where R2 and C3PO were relatively unable to defend themselves (though R2 was pretty handy) this little droid is equipped with an interesting defence mechanism. There quills, hidden inside its body, which extend when it is in danger, like a pufferfish.

So what do you think? Could Kira's droid be the new R2D2?

Kira, The Castle, and a Turn to the Dark Side

We have heard for months and months that Luke Skywalker would be hiding out on a rocky island outpost, surrounded water. These are the scenes filmed on the island of Skellig, off the coast of Ireland.

Luke's hideout, the island of skellig?
Luke's hideout, the island of skellig?

What he was doing there, has been subject to much speculation. At first, fans thought he might be trying to escape the Inquisitor, the Sith Assassin hunting down Jedi to avenge Darth Vader, whose helmet he was seen staring at in leaked concept art.

Other rumors included the idea that Luke Skywalker's Jedi Powers had grown so strong, he was forced to hide away for the sake of the balance in the galaxy.

However, two new pieces of concept art seemed to hint at something else. FIrst up, take a look at this gothic castle, situated on a rocky island, surrounded by water - is that Skellig? And if so, either Luke is not staying so humbly as we first thought, or someone else is hiding out on Skellig.

Is this the same island?
Is this the same island?

The other image, also said to take place within this eerie castle, shows a woman with a blank expression, with what looks like the very villain fans thought were hunting Luke behind her.

Could Kira have gone looking for Luke, and found this evil character had got there first? Could - as some are speculating - this evil "Inquisitor" figure in fact *be* Luke, who in his years of exile has lost control of the force, and gone over to the Dark Side?

Who is controlling Kira!?
Who is controlling Kira!?

What do you think we can learn about Star Wars Episode 7 from this leaked concept art? Which of the rumored characters are you most looking forward to seeing when the movie is finally released? Write in with your own [Star Wars: Episode VII](movie:711158) thoughts and speculations below the line!


Which character are you most looking forward to seeing in Star Wars Episode 7?


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