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Obviously, do not read this if you are not up to date on Sons of Anarchy Season 7. Major, enormous, gigantic SPOILER to follow!

I must say, the major character death that happened is not one I predicted from Sons of Anarchy Season 6, but I thought it was gonna happen from the previous episode of Season 7...


Bobby Munson is dead.

Yup, August Marks, that double-crossing tyrant, shot him in the head.

Still, Bobby is a proud biker, and we know that he really died the moment Marks' men mutilated him, making it impossible for him to ride a bike again.

There are so many reasons we love Bobby...

He's loyal

Bobby has been with the Sons since the very start, always doing what's best for the club.


He's wise

When Jax was going off the rails, Bobby was one of the few brave enough to stand up to him - and it was for the best.


He's funny

Like Tig, Bobby's dark humor has provided many laughs in the Sons' darkest hours.


He's a SON to the core

To hear Mark Boone Jr.'s beautiful cover of Nancy Sinatra's 'Bang Bang' - ever more poignant after Bobby's sad death - click here.

RIP Bobby. Ride on, brother.


Were you surprised that Bobby was killed?


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