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Over the years, the genius minds over at Disney Television Animation (DTVA) have brought us some wonderful shows and characters: DuckTales, Darkwing Duck, Pepper Ann, Phineas and Ferb... to name just a few! This year DTVA celebrate their 30th anniversary, and to celebrate they hosted a very special type of animation art show, or should I say RE-animation.

Each of the talented artists, executives, and staff recreated some of our favorite characters as zombies for the "Re-Animated: The Zombie Show" art gallery. Check out some of the awesome artwork below:


Zombie Mickey, Donald, and Goofy

They're coming for your brains and looking adorable while doing so.


Living dead Ariel chows down on a friend



Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers

Aw, even zombies still want love!


101 puppy zombies!

Now that's a handful...Poor Cruella.


Talk about some major talent! No wonder this is the team behind some of the most iconic cartoons of the last 30 years! Check out all this artwork and more in this video of the exhibition below:

For more Disney Television Animation zombie goodness, check out this Mickey Mouse short film, entitled Ghoul Friend. In the film Mickey is chased by a zombie version of Dippy Dawg, eeek!


Are you a zombie fan?

Source: Indiewire


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