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Love Transformers? Crazy about video games? Then we've found the perfect toy just for you!

The talented folks over at TakaraTomy have designed two super impressive creations that are sure to satisfy the inner-geek in you. Sonybots, roll out!

That's right - a Playstation that turns into Optimus-freaking-Prime! You'll want to find somewhere better than under your TV to display this awesome beast.

A Closer Look

I love how even the controller and memory card are integrated into the contraption. Unfortunately, you won't be able to play any games on it - perhaps a little too much to ask considering it can basically be folded in half.

With Optimus primed for action, you might be wondering what kind of Decepticon nemesis would make a worthy opponent. Luckily, Tomy has your back. Meet the Sega-Megatron!

A face-off between the two might be a little one-sided though, with Megatron's 16-bit power up against Sony's 32-bit machine. Nevertheless, it got me thinking about what other video game consoles would be suitable for an equally impressive make-over.

A GameCube that turns into Shockwave? An Xbox-themed Bulkhead? Tell us which console you'd like to see the inventive engineers at Tomy take on next!

Scheduled for release in early 2015, these console transformers will retail for around $100 each.

You can check out the Optimus Prime-themed Playstation and Sega's Megatron Megadrive here.


Which Transformer console would you opt for?


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