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Now, usually, there's very little about cancer that can, in any sense, be described as awesome. The only exception, as a rule, is the awesome responses that some heroically fantastic people - both those with, and friends of those with, cancer - have to it.

And sometimes those responses can both bring a smile to your face, and a tear to your eye.

Like, for instance, that of Tom Schutt, a Washington D.C. high school math teacher, who recently beat cancer. Tom's friend Annalee Horne recently posted this image to Twitter, and...well, it's pretty darned perfect...

That's right - Tom's response to cancer was to turn it into a seriously bad-ass Jean-Luc Picard Halloween costume. And then, having recovered, he used the following Halloween as an opportunity to rub his awesome victory in cancers face. As Riker.

Because there's no better way to be a cancer-surviving bad-ass than by dressing up as Jonathan Frakes.

So much so, that there is no other way to respond than through the timeless medium of Star Trek gifs.

From the initial surprise of Picard and Riker at seeing themselves

To Picard's instant happiness when he gets it

And Data's complete, absolute, A.I. joy

Kira's genuine, full-faced grin

Old Kirk's nod of approval

and, of course...

New Kirk and Bones' complete inability to deal with just how awesome it is

So, y'know what, Tom Schutt? For your awesome service to Star Trek-related bad-assery, say it loud, and for all the world to hear:

Because damn right you do.


What do you guys think? Loving Tom Schutt's Star Trek costume awesomeness?

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