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There's been more bad news in a very long, long line of bad news for Lindsay Lohan today, when she was slapped with a huge $60 million lawsuit.

Things started after Lindsay and her brother Michael Jr. were sent a cease-and-desist letter by their former business partner Fima Potik, after he discovered that the Lohan siblings had stolen his concept for a virtual shopping app called Spotted Friend.

Lindsay and Michael used Potik's information to launch their own app named Vigme, and after Michael Jr. ignored the cease-and-desist letter, Potik slapped them both with the huge lawsuit. The lawsuit claims that the bro and sis duo stole his trade secret, and some famous advisers, including Ariana Huffington, to start their competing company, Vigme.

Unfortunately for Potik, even if his case does stand up in court, he has about as much chance of getting $60million from Lindsay Lohan, as Lindsay Lohan has of winning an Academy Award. There's an outside chance, but it seems very unlikely.


Do you think the lawsuit is laughable?

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