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Speculation has been off the charts because of these teasers. There’s been everything mentioned from remakes to reprints. On the most recent Axel In Charge article at Comic Book Resources, Axel Alonso had this to say.

“Speaking of major Marvel events — for the last two weeks, folks have certainly been speculating about these event-based teasers that have been rolling out daily, with the latest debuting earlier today on CBR and teasing an end to the Ultimate Universe. The general consensus appears to be that it’s tied to the new “Secret Wars” somehow, but what can you say about the teasers at this point?

Alonso: What I can say is that none of these teasers are for “What If?” stories. These stories really happen. And they happen in real-time — they’re not flashbacks. They count.”

For All The Teasers and What They Mean Click Here


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