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I'm loving this season of American Horror Story so much, I'm just desperate to find out more about what's gonna happen in Freak Show! Lucky for me - and millions of other AHS fans - creator Ryan Murphy is spilling all the goods!

We already know that Sister Mary Eunice from Asylum is set to appear in Freak Show episode 10, but check out all the other massive spoilers Ryan Murphy dropped in his interview with EW...

Most importantly: TWISTY RETURNS

Twisty is not over, and neither is Edward Mordrake. They both make triumphant returns.


Elsa had a love affair with the person who made her legs

[W]e find out who actually made her those perfect legs. So she liked that. She has a lot of love stories. That’s one of them, yes.


Romance will get M.E.S.S.Y.

Yes. We’re doing like a weird five-way thing. Jimmy is clearly in love with Maggie. Dot is in love with Jimmy. But Dandy is in love with the twins so what the f*** is going to happen? So all of that’s in the water. The next two episodes we really get into the Dandy of it all.


We'll find out all about Dell and Desiree

Yes they have big backstories... You find out about Desiree’s childhood. You find out about Dell and where he came from and why he’s with Desiree and all that stuff. That’s very much on the table.


We'll learn more about 'Gloria’s dilemma'

She’s not down with [Dandy's] murdering. She’s trying to save him but she’s a very sheltered cockatoo so she’s struggling with trying to do right by her son and right by the victims.


You think Twisty was disturbing? Nope. Murphy thinks Dandy killing Matt Bomer was worse!

I think it’s the most disturbing thing we’ve done because it’s so real and so based on fact. It’s a true horror sequence... It’s a very gothic, weird sequence. Everyone was freaked out when we did it.



Which disturbing storyline are you most looking forward to playing out?

Source: EW


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