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Somewhere in this world, Paul Brodeur, an 83 year old journalist is very angry. So angry in fact, that he is suing the makers of the Oscar nominated film [American Hustle](movie:381856), for $1 million dollars, due to a quote used by Jennifer Lawrence in the film.

The case revolves around the 10 second quote by Jennifer Lawrence's character Rosalyn Rosenfeld about the hazards of microwaves. Upon setting the '70s oven on fire with tin foil, Jennifer Lawrence's character, Rosalyn Rosenfeld, exclaims "[it] takes all of the nutrition out of food,” and that “It’s not b*******, I read it in an article by Paul Brodeur.” This, however, is a claim disputed by Mr. Brodeur.

The journalist also wants Atlas Entertainment, Annapurna Productions, and Columbia Pictures to remove his name from the film. He feels that they have damaged his name, claiming the film has exposed him “to hatred, contempt, ridicule or disgrace,” and injured his reputation “as a skilled writer on scientific subjects.”


Do you think the American Hustle makers should pay up?

Source: ABC news.


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