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It's hard to believe that until 10 years ago today, our society still believed that capes were an acceptable accessory for crime-fighting. Luckily, the world was saved any future embarrassment by the magnificent Parr family (and, of course, their sartorial mastermind Edna Mode). The Incredibles follows Mr. and Mrs. Incredible and their children, Violet and Dash, as they come of out suburban hiding to pursue a deadly villain whose mission is to destroy superheroes.

In honor of the movie's tenth anniversary, here are ten incredible facts that you might not know about my favorite super-family.

1. The Incredibles is the first Pixar film to feature a nuclear family

The stories of Disney and Pixar are notorious for motherless homes and abandoned children. The Incredibles puts this amazing family (mother, father, children) at the center of the story, proving that action and humor can go hand-in-hand with heartwarming family values. Despite the fact that they're all superheroes, the Parrs are also one of the most relatable families that the animation team has ever created.

2. Mrs. Incredible has a badass knowledge of flight lingo

As if Elastigirl wasn't impressive enough already. In the director's commentary, creator Brad Bird admitted that Holly Hunter insisted on learning accurate military flight training lingo and its meaning for her role as Mrs. Incredible. Some key radio protocol include "VFR on top" (flying in the regime of Visual Flights Rules atop cloud cover), "vectors to the initial" (directions to land), and "Angels 10" (her altitude call, ten thousand feet).

3. Violet's voice actress has some seriously unexpected interests

Sarah Vowell, who voiced daughter Violet Parr, is a huge history buff and earns her living as a writer with a focus on politics. In between recording sessions on The Incredibles, she traveled to the locations of each presidential assassination and wrote a novel called Assassination Vacation.

4. Hilarious pint-sized fashion mogul Edna Mode is based on a real person

Edna's real-life counterpart is none other Edith Head, who was once the most sought-after designer in Hollywood. Much like Edna, she only dressed the best of the best, and her personal style was framed by circular spectacles and short black hair. Animators also drew some inspiration from another fashion designer named Una Jones for Edna's mannerisms and short stature.

5. The movie has an insanely high body count, especially for Disney

from Luna Best Pony
from Luna Best Pony

When Mr. Incredible breaks into Syndrome's lab, a screen reveals that the robot has already killed at least FIFTEEN superheroes. This is a seriously dire realization for a man whose young children are within earshot of a killing machine. Not to mention the faceless guards who explode into oblivion while pursuing Dash or, per Edna's memory, the unlucky heroes who meet their doom because of their capes. Getting sucked into an airline jet is an Game of Thrones-level death on the graphic scale.

6. Jack Jack Attack was one of the few Pixar shorts to not receive a theatrical release

Originally an idea for a scene in the full-length movie, Jack Jack Attack follows the Parr's frantic babysitter Kari McKeen as she spastically tries to keep the unpredictable baby under control. The story is the flip-side of all the calls Helen (Mrs. Incredible) receives from Kari throughout the movie. It was included as a special feature on the DVD.

7. The movie has inspired MANY intriguing fan theories

Whether it's theorizing about the development of Jack Jack's powers or speculating that Mr. Incredible's mid-life crisis really did include an affair, The Incredibles has offered an astounding amount of material for fans to chew on. And that's not even counting the overarching Pixar Theory that places The Incredibles in an essential role.

8. Syndrome's line "You sly dog. You got me monologuing!" was voted to Premiere's "100 Greatest Movie Lines" in 2007

Though many fans (myself included) wish this distinction had gone to "Where is my SUPER SUIT?"

9. There's no Pizza Planet truck in sight

The Incredibles is the first and only Pixar movie to not feature the familiar Pizza Planet truck (originally from Toy Story). While some hopeful fans have claimed to have spotted it, no one can provide any visual evidence. Pixar master Lee Unkrich has admitted that the truck does not exist in the film.

10. The Incredibles 2 is in the works, and Brad Bird has a surefire plan for success

Brad Bird wants [The Incredibles 2](movie:673500) to be as good as the phenomenal sequel to Toy Story. Using the near-perfect Toy Story 2 as inspiration and with Samuel L. Jackson back on board as Frozone, this is looking like the beginnings of greatness. I'm hoping for new characters that add to an already impeccably built world, a larger focus on Jack Jack and his powers, and the Parr family geeking out over their collective awesomeness.


Who's your favorite 'Incredibles' character?


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