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Jerome Maida

Get ready for a "Spider-Gwen" film in 2017!

Okay, there has been NO official announcement yet, but when you factor in several important variables, it's the one film Sony could announce that makes sense and will create buzz.

First, Sony first announced they were going to do a female solo film in 2017 back in August of 2014.

At the time, there was no official word that DC/WB or Marvel Studios were producing a film in their superhero universes starring a female lead, so that was a big deal.

Then, barely two months ago, a Gwen Stacy from an alternate timeline who had been bitten by a radioactive spider and gained spider-powers as a result, appeared in her first Marvel comic - and was almost universally praised.

So much so, that in October at New York Comic-Con, Marvel made the announcement that "Spider-Gwen" would receive her own solo series.

Seeing as how Spider-Woman and Silk - who seems to have been planned as the breakout character Spider-Gwen actually is - are two other Marvel female characters who have spider-powers and getting their own series soon, that is slightly surprising.

But it really shouldn't be.

Having a Gwen who not only survived but gained cool powers is appealing to a lot of people.

Having her deal with the heartbreak of a fallen Peter is another nice twist.

But whether Marvel and Sony are acting in concert or not, one thing is clear - the character has a lot of buzz.

I saw more "Spider-Gwens" cosplaying at NYCC 2014 than Jean Grey or Wonder Woman. That's partly because the costume is cool, but mainly because the CHARACTER is cool.

The words "buzz" and "cool" are not words that have been associated with Sony's Spider-franchise in a while.

Something has to get fans of the film franchise genuinely excited again.

A "Black Cat" film likely isn't it. She's viewed by many as a ripoff of Catwoman, is a thief and "Felicia Hardy" was lamely introduced in ""The Amazing Spider-Man 2".

"Silver Sable" could be a cool film, but has had a lower profile in the comics recently and they have not set her up yet.

Who else would they go with? "Arana"? "Madame Webb"? I don't think so.

Also, and there's just no getting around this - a "Spider-Gwen" film would be the coolest way to bring Emma Stone back to the franchise.

This is vitally important. Because the reason the Spider-man film franchise initially sold as many tickets on it's own as "Avengers" domestically is not just because of cool special effects.

It's because of the romantic story lines that draw in more ticket-buyers than the normal superhero film.

First, Kirsten Dunst - but she got annoying real fast.

Now, Emma Stone - who almost everyone agrees was one of the two best things in the rebooted series.

A meeting of these "true loves" who see doppelgangers of the ones they have lost could be incredibly powerful.

But even more than that, it would have Stone go from playing a "damsel who died" to a female character who can be just as awesome as Peter Parker.

Heck, a Gwen who walks on walls, has the proportionate strength of a spider and basically "doing everything a spider can" might appeal to those who have flocked to "The Hunger Games" or "Frozen".

Which would be important. Since DC/WB has confirmed a "Wonder Woman" film and Marvel Studios has confirmed a "Captain Marvel" film, simply being a super-heroine film won't be enough by 2017.

Especially since there are so many other big films now on the schedule in 2017. We're talking "Wolverine 3", the concluding chapter of a tale featuring another female here, "Allegiant - Part 2"; "Pacific Rim 2"; a "LEGO" film; "How To Train Your Dragon 3"; "Wonder Woman"; "Despicable Me 3"; "Justice League"; "Thor" Ragnarok"; "Black Panther" and 2 Pixar films.

That doesn't even count franchises with huge question marks like the second chapter of "The Terminator" reboot; the second chapter of "The Fantastic Four" reboot or "Pirates of the Caribbean 5".

Sony knows they need a big gun to succeed with a solo female hero film with a lineup that big and deep.

Bringing Stone back as a spider-powered Gwen Stacy would be just what Sony needs to succeed.


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