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I remember being a defiant child and not wanting to see Napoleon Dynamite for a long, long time after it came out. But when I finally sat down and watched it, it freakin' blew my mind and possibly my larynx too from laughing so hard. Napoleon Dynamite came out 10 years ago, but having watched it recently, I can say with confidence, it holds up.

Recently the cast of the 2004 hit came together for Entertainment Weekly's 2014 Reunion. Heck, even Tina, that fat lard, showed up.

Entertainment Weekly
Entertainment Weekly

But what is the gang up to today? Well, according to Haylie Duff's Instagram, they still get together sometimes!

But let's get a bit more specific...

Napoleon Dynamite - Jon Heder

Way back when, Jon Heder played 2004's favorite socially awkward high school student, Napoleon Dynamite.

Following his breakout role as N.D. himself, Jon Heder went on to play a number of equally awkward comedic roles in films such as Blades of Glory and The Benchwarmers, amongst many others. More recently, Heder played Roy Disney in the upcoming film Walt Before Mickey.

Pedro Sánchez - Efren Ramirez

Sure, Pedro may have been more of the strong, silent type. But he definitely had my vote!

Being the character actor he is, Efren has been able to play quite the range of roles. This includes being Venus/Kaylo from the Crank movies, and Esteban from [Casa de mi Padre](movie:44846). He, like many others from the cast, also voiced their same characters on the animated Napoleon Dynamite TV series.

Deb - Tina Majorino

Deb was know for her side ponytails, saving money for college, and her ability to drink whole milk, if she wanted to.

When this movie first came out everyone was thinking, "Woah! Is that the little girl from Andre/Waterworld?" But since Napoleon Dynamite, people have seen her in shows like [Veronica Mars](movie:891958), [Grey's Anatomy](series:200746) and [True Blood](series:200767) and thought "Woah! Is that the teenager from Napoleon Dynamite?" She's always keeping us on our toes. Way to go, Tina!

Uncle Rico - Jon Gries

If only Coach had put him in fourth quarter. They would've been state champions. No doubt. No doubt in my mind.

After playing everyone's "favorite" Uncle Rico, Jon Gries has done a lot of TV work. Most recently he played Casey in [Taken 3](movie:678612) as well as a few other films in post-production.

Kip - Aaron Ruell

Kip was Napoleon's nacho-loving older brother. He might not share Napoleon's dance skills (that we know of), but he does talk to babes on the Internet all day, and he's a cage fighter.

While his acting credits have been limited (the most recent role he had was voicing Kip on the Napoleon Dynamite animated series), Aaron Ruell focuses mainly on commercial directing and photography. Fun fact: He shot the promotional photography and the opening sequence for Napoleon Dynamite.

Lafawnduh - Shondrella Avery

What else is there to say about Lafawnduh other than she's the perfect woman for Kip and she's got awesome taste in mixtapes.

Shondrella Avery, a born standup comedian, recently appeared alongside Jake Gyllenhaal as Bonita in the movie [End of Watch](movie:214217). She and her husband are currently producing a TV series.

Summer Wheatley - Haylie Duff

Summer Wheatley was so popular that she had boys building cakes for her and then smashing piñatas made in her likeness. Such talent.

The bulk of Hailey Duff's acting career has been spent on TV movies following Napoleon Dynamite, including a fair amount of Christmas movies. Which, of course, I love. Not to mention, she recently got engaged. Congrats, Haylie!

Don - Trevor Snarr

Thanks to Don we actually know what kind of gun Napoleon used when he was hunting wolverines in Alaska. Guys, he shot like 50 of them because they were attacking his cousins. What would you do in a situation like that?!

Well, other than tweeting at me (exciting!), Trevor Snarr has taken on a number of TV and movie roles in the past few years. Most recently he was William Walker on the Discovery Channel's miniseries Gold Fever, and has an upcoming film called The Green Fairy where he will be playing Vincent Van Gogh.

By the way, there's this scene that I didn't even know existed until just now. Where were you hiding all these years, you beautiful little clip, you?

So what do you guys think of the cast of Napoleon Dynamite now that they have all graduated from their high school roles (or, you know, older family member roles)?


Pick your favorite Napoleon Dynamite line out of these.


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