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Next up on our neverending parade of awesome fan-created content is something I think a lot of you will enjoy. Love the Avengers, but find the lack of tattoos, piercings and general grunge disappointing? Let me direct you to the Punk Avengers Series by artist Cara M!

Rock on Cap!
Rock on Cap!

I love the new takes on classic characters, and have to say I think it's a great look for all of the Avengers, plus Loki and Bucky. My taste admittedly runs toward the alternative, but I think there's something here for everyone.

You can check out Cara's shop on Redbubble to buy physical prints of these super-punks, and support more art! Now enjoy the rest of the pics!

Bucky looking full on badass.

Your socks should always match your hair. Plus I love the inclusion of classic comic-esque wordbubbles. I'm always here for "BIFF!" "ZAP!" "SPLORT!" - but I doubt Loki would be. "WOW," however, he's apparently cool with. Probably because that's what he commands you to say when he graces you with his presence.

The lightning bolt on Thor's sole is such a good touch! Also loving the Norse imagery in his tattoos - and, of course, a stein of hearty mead. (Though this particular incarnation would probably go for a local microbrewery.)

I like the use of the Hulk shadow in the background, as well as the radiation hazard sign on his shoe. Also loving the bandana - is that Avengers or Anarchy? This crowd could do both.

Punk Tony Stark has got it goin' on.

Aw man, spilled coffee is the worst.

This punked out Black Widow is probably my favorite of the bunch! Rock on!


Which one's your favorite?


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